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The research we do today helps everyone live better tomorrow.

Reality Research

Our research is not in a lab. It’s in your town, your classroom, your farm or your kitchen. With research directed at the needs of youth, families and communities, we investigate ways to help people eat better, spend smarter and improve relationships. We also analyze human interface with agriculture, particularly learning, leading, and communicating in and about agriculture, food, and natural resources.

Our research involves thousands of people in North Carolina and across the country. Government agencies and major foundations trust us to find answers to today’s big societal questions – and have committed more than $35 million to our research through 71 grants. And it’s having a big impact. In 2021 alone, we published over 52 peer-reviewed articles, written 41 publications, conducted 63 educational outreach events, rendered 162 presentations and reached 235,376 individuals through digital outreach.