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Misty Lambert, PhD

Associate Professor

LEAP Teaching Licensure Program Coordinator

DELTA Program Director

210C Ricks Hall


Dr. Lambert was born and raised in Rowan County, NC. She is a product of high school agricultural education and a first-generation college student. She found her future through agricultural education and FFA and is passionate about supporting early career teachers. She taught high school agriculture for four years in North Carolina. Dr. Lambert served as director of teacher education at Oregon State University, where she was tenured. She also served for 3 years as associate professor in the Iowa State University Department of Agricultural Education and Studies before coming home to her Pack.

She spends her days educating agriculture teachers, teaching graduate courses and conducting practical research to solve classroom problems. She also does international engagement work in preventing post-harvest food loss. Her life is made more interesting by her beagles, Rory and RubySue.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Sub-awardee of the USAID Post-Harvest Loss Innovation Lab
  • Career Pathways in Agriculture for Community College Students (PACCS)
  • Licensure in Education for Agricultural Professionals (LEAP) coordinator
  • Developing Educational Leaders and Teachers of Agriculture (DELTA)

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

  • AEE 322: Experiential Learning in Agriculture
  • AEE 327: Conducting Summer Programs in Agricultural Education
  • AEE 424: Planning Agricultural Education Programs
  • AEHS 522: Occupation Experience in Agriculture
  • AEHS 524: Coordinating the High School Agricultural Education Program
  • AEHS 578: Scientific Inquiry in Agricultural and Extension Education

Professional Honors/Offices/Recognitions

  • 2021 – AAAE National Conference Research Paper Chair for annual meeting
  • 2019-2020 – AAAE Leadership Academy Cohort
  • 2019 – Journal Article of the Year for Journal of Agricultural Education Volume 59
  • 2019 – NACTA Educator Award
  • 2018-2019 – Emerging Leaders Academy Cohort Iowa State University
  • 2016 – Agricultural Executive Council Distinguished Professor Award – College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University
  • 2016 – Honorary State FFA Degree from Oregon
  • 2011 – Agricultural Executive Council Outstanding New Professor Award – College of Agricultural Sciences at Oregon State University

Selected Publications

  • Claflin, K., Lambert, M. D., & Stewart, J. (2020). An Investigation of the Routes to Certification and Turnover Intentions of Wisconsin Agriculture Teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(1), 128-139.
  • Elliott, K. M., & Lambert, M. D. (2018). Urban and rural Latino students’ experiences in agricultural education: toward defining rural privilege. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(3), 198-212.
  • Lambert, M. D., Stewart, J., & Claflin, K. (2018). Understanding Characteristics, Uses, Perceptions, and Barriers Related to School Farms in Oregon. Journal of Agricultural Education, 59(2), 197-214.
  • McKim, A. J., Velez, J. J., Lambert, M. D., Balschweid, M. A. (2017). A Philosophical Review of Science and Society in Agricultural Education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(2), 98-110.
  • Stewart, J., Lambert, M. D., Ulmer, J. J., Witt, P. A., & Carraway, C. L. (2017). Discovering Quality in Teacher Education: Perceptions Concerning What Makes an Effective Cooperating Teacher. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(1), 280-299.
  • McKim, A. J., Lambert, M. D., Sorensen, T. J., & Velez, J. J. (2015). Examining the Common Core Standards in Agricultural Education. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(3), 134-145.
  • Velez, J. J., Lambert, M. D., Elliott, K. M. (2015). Perceptions of Critical Thinking, Task Value, Autonomy, and Science Lab Self-efficacy: A longitudinal examination of students’ CASE Experience. Journal of Agricultural Education. 56(2), 204-216.
  • Sorensen, T. J., Lambert, M. D., McKim, A. J. (2014). Examining Oregon Agriculture Teachers’ Professional Development Needs by Career Phase. Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(5), 140-154.
  • Lambert, M. D., Velez, J. J., & Elliott, K. M. (2014). What is the teachers’ experience when implementing the Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education? Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(4), 100-115.
  • Lambert, M. D., Sorensen, T. J., & Elliott, K. M. (2014). A Comparison and Analysis of Preservice Teachers’ Oral and Written Reflections. Journal of Agricultural Education, 55(4), 85-99.

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BS Agricultural Education North Carolina State University

MS Agricultural Education North Carolina State University

PhD Agricultural Education Teacher Education University of Missouri

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Agricultural Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Early Career Teacher Support
  • Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education
  • International Engagement