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AHS Presents at the 2024 AIAEE Conference

Faculty members and graduate students of the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences recently attended the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE) Annual Conference in Orlando, FL. AIAEE is a professional organization for agricultural and extension educators who share a common goal of strengthening agricultural and extension education programs and institutions worldwide.

Several graduate students, including Abasiama-Arit Aniche, Joseph Gakpo, Andrew Waaswa, Elisabeth Ramsey, Gabriela Arteaga-Arredondo (recently graduated), Howard Wallace (recently graduated) and Saifur Rahman were able to present their research papers and posters at the conference. Faculty members, including Katherine McKee, Jay Jayaratne, Wendy Warner, Katie Sanders, and Joy Morgan, also traveled to present their research. Misty Lambert, an associate professor within the department, also earned the Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education journal article of the year for 2023. Congratulations to everyone who presented at the conference!

Andrew Waaswa presenting at the 2024 AIAEE Conference

Abstracts (10 minute oral presentation, 5 minutes of question and answer discussion) 

  • Title: Delphi Analysis to Identify Key Competencies for Extension Communication: Implications for Program Development. 
  • Authors: Catherine E. Sanders, Kevan W. Lamm, Elisabeth Ramsey
  • Title: Exploring the Multifaceted Impact of Knowledge on Behavior Change: Insights from the Master Gardener Volunteer Program in Florida. 
  • Authors: Arati Joshi, John Diaz, Anil Chaudhary, Jay Jayaratne, Sebastian Galindo
  • Title: Assessing Barriers to Post-Harvest Innovation Adoption in Ghana. 
  • Authors: Misty Lambert, Namah Taku-Forchu, Jonathan Ulmer, George Opit
  • Title: Mapping Sustainability: A Phenomenology of Filipino Farmer Perceptions Toward Sustainable Agriculture Practices. 
  • Authors: Audie Cherry, Kevin Layfield, Joseph Donaldson, Christopher Eck
  • Title: Effect of Cultural Norms and Traditional Beliefs on the Lived Experiences of Women in Agriculture in Rural Communities. 
  • Authors: Abasiama-Arit Aniche, Katherine McKee, Jackie Bruce
  • Title: Challenges and Use of Social Media in Agricultural Extension: Implications for International Extension Education. 
  • Authors: Howard M. Wallace II, K. S. U. Jayaratne, Wendy Warner, J. Dara Bloom, Julia McKeown
  • Title: How do Scientists Promoting Genetically Modified Seeds in Africa Build Trust? The Experience of Ghanaian Farmers. 
  • Authors: Joseph Gakpo, Katherine McKee

Ideas at Work (A 5 minute oral presentation, 20 minutes of oral roundtable discussion) 

  • Title: Farmers’ Knowledge of Using Forecast Information in Crop Production: A Case of Rural Bangladesh. 
  • Authors: Mst Sharmin Akter, Mohammed Nasir Uddin, Swarnasree Sarker, M Maruf Hasan, Saifur Rahman, Joseph L Donaldson, Ataharul Haq Chowdhury
  • Title: Effectiveness of Climate-Smart Agriculture Technologies for Drought Mitigation in Bangladesh: A Farmer Perspective. 
  • Authors: Mohammed Uddin, Md. Mehedi Hasan, M. Asaduzzaman Sarker, Mst. Sharmin Akter, Mohammad Hasan, Saifur Rahman, Khondokar Kabir, M. Salim Uddin, Asif Ishtiaque, Ataharul Chowdhury
  • Title: Testing the Validity of Self-Reported Measures. 
  • Authors: Sharmistha Basak, Anil Kumar Chaudhary, John Diaz, Jay Jayaratne
  • Title: Designing for Success: Instructional Design to Support Online Teaching. 
  • Authors: Wendy J. Warner, Joy E. Morgan, Travis D. Park, Misty D. Lambert, Katlyn R. Foy
  • Title: Developing Cultural Competence in Pre-service Agricultural Education Teachers.
  • Authors: Joy E. Morgan, Andrew Waaswa, Becky Cibulskis
  • Title: Utilizing Farms of the Future Approach to Teach Farmers and Agricultural Leaders about Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies. 
  • Authors: Andrew Waaswa, Joy E. Morgan

Poster Presentations:

  • Title: Awareness and Usage of Hermetic Storage Bags by Smallholder Farmers in Dormaa, Ghana
  • Authors: Namah Taku-Forchu, Misty Lambert, Michael Retallick, Jonathan Ulmer, George Opit
  • Title: Program Assessment of Count on Me NC: a Behavior and Science-Based COVID-19 Risk Management Training Program in North Carolina
  • Authors: Gabriela Arteaga-Arredondo, Ellen Shumaker, Benjamin Chapman
  • Title: Rooftop Gardening Risks in Urban Agriculture: Assessing the Residents’ Perspectives
  • Authors: Md. Mithun, Saifur Rahman, Joseph Donaldson
  • Title: Rooted in Well-Being: An Exploration of Community Gardens and Their Impact on Mental Health
  • Authors: Elisabeth Ramsey, Monipel Babb, Catherine E. Sanders, Katherine McKee
  • Title: The Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Use of Social Media in Extension Work: Implications for Extension Communication
  • Authors: Howard Wallace II, K. S. U. Jayaratne, Wendy Warner, Dara Bloom, Julia McKeown
  • Title: What are the Perceived Weather-Related Adaptation Needs of Agricultural Operations in the Southeast U.S.?
  • Authors: Andrew Waaswa, Joy Morgan, Michael Gavazzi, Steven McNulty

Professional Development Workshop:

  • Title: Culturally responsive evaluation for promoting equity and communicating impact
  • Authors: Katie Sanders, Rafael Landaverde (Texas A&M)

*Bold notations are members of the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences