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AHS March Blog: EFNEP Helps Fuel for the Future

The Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences publishes a monthly blog written by students, alumni, and faculty sharing important topics and helpful resources related to the fields of agricultural, extension, and human science. In the March blog post, AHS staff member Megan Halbohm, discusses National Nutrition Month.

Each March the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is Fuel for the Future – Eating with sustainability in mind. 

Part of The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s (EFNEP) mission is to educate North Carolina’s limited resource families to improve dietary intake and food resource management skills. Both of these priorities can be accomplished by eating sustainably to fuel for the future as well as fueling a healthy lifestyle. 

EFNEP educators across the state teach participants to shop for local produce to lower their grocery bills. Seasonal produce can often be purchased at a lower price. Even better, many markets have a Double Up Food Bucks program that can help those who receive SNAP benefits to stretch their food budget further. Learn more about ways to save even more at the farmer’s market.  

If you are looking to eat sustainably and improve your health, try replacing one or more servings of meat in your diet with a plant-based protein option each week. Incorporating more plant-based options can help to cut back on emissions, save on your grocery bill, and improve your diet by lowering cholesterol. 

Another way to cut back on food waste is to plan your meals. By having a plan in place you will know exactly what food you need and can avoid throwing away food you don’t need or forgot about. Check out this meal planning handout to help you stay on track and avoid waste.

To learn more about EFNEP and to find a class near you, visit