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AHS Blog Series

Photo of students in caps and gowns at NC State commencement

Dec 4, 2023

EFNEP Staff Improving Their Own Lives Through Higher Education

Learn how staff members of the EFNEP program are improving their own lives by earning higher education degrees. 

ChocolateChoclate sweets with Christmas decor

Nov 20, 2023

Finding the Sweet Spot: Navigating the Overflow of Sweets During this Holiday Season

For the AHS November Blog, the department will provide information on how to navigate the overflow of sweets during the holidays. 

Oct 2, 2023

AHS October Blog: Advocating for Immigration Reform and Making a Difference

In a world filled with complex issues and challenges, there are individuals who stand out for their unwavering dedication to creating positive change. Sasha Saggoo, one of the Oaks Leadership Scholars, is one such inspiring individual. 

Sep 7, 2023

AHS September Blog: Out-of-School Time Programs: A Critical Resource for Families

In our September AHS blog, we explore issues that families are facing with out-of-school time care and the impact it can have. 

Aug 2, 2023

AHS August Blog: This School Year, Let’s Choose School Meals!

This month, many families across North Carolina (NC) face a new school year, and the question many parents are asking is “what will my child eat for breakfast and lunch?” 

Jul 17, 2023

AHS July Blog: The Beauty of Farmland

In the July AHS blog post, AHS graduate student Sarah Smart, examines how to protect your family farm from development in North Carolina. 

May 12, 2023

AHS May Blog: The Role of Family Life Coaching as a Critical Partner in Mental Health

The Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences publishes a monthly blog written by students, alumni, and faculty sharing important topics and helpful resources related to the fields of agricultural, extension, and human… 

Apr 12, 2023

AHS April Blog: Growing a Career in Family and Consumer Sciences

In the April AHS blog post, AHS staff member Jayne McBurney, examines career paths available within family and consumer sciences. 

Mar 1, 2023

AHS March Blog: EFNEP Helps Fuel for the Future

In the March blog post, AHS staff member Megan Halbohm, discusses National Nutrition Month. 

Feb 1, 2023

AHS February Blog: Understanding How Small-Scale Farmers Navigate Farm Stress

In the February blog post, AHS postdoctoral student Andrew R. Smolski, provides research on how small-scale farmers navigate farm stress.