Package Delivery Advisory

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Please be advised that packages are not allowed to be delivered to personal addresses at this time.

Based on information from Sharon Loosman, University Director, Procurement and Business Services and Bill Carlson, Assistant Director, Materials Support.

We still do not have the authorization to deliver purchases to non-NC State University locations (e.g., employee homes).  We continue to work with the university on gaining greater flexibility. Until we have greater flexibility, all MarketPlace and PCard purchases must still be delivered to an NC State University address.

Purchasers should use the intended final NC State University destination address (wherever they would have originally received it) when purchasing in either MarketPlace or with a PCard.  They should make sure to include in the order the purchaser’s name, phone number, and building, if possible. According to the Material Support Warehouse, private-sector carriers and UPS (delivery people) know to bring the packages to the NCSU Material Support Warehouse if not deliverable in the original location.  It may be helpful for building liaisons to include prominent messaging/signage on their building doors about their preferences for purchase diversion to the Material Support Warehouse and potentially include a contact phone number for any delivery people questions.

Materials Support has requested that whenever someone makes a purchase that is likely to be diverted to the Material Support Warehouse, they should send an email to Lance Newsome and Bill Carlson with the following information:

  • Name of Purchaser
  • Contact information
  • Description of the Vendor and items purchased
  • Any helpful screenshots or receipts

Once the package has arrived, there should be email communication between the purchaser and the Warehouse about time within which the item can be picked up at:

Material Support Warehouse
3240 Ligon Street
Raleigh, NC 27607

Bill Carlson phone:  919-515-8568
Lance Newsome phone:  919-515-5525

Link to the Warehouse address:  Material Support Warehouse 

Continue to visit the Working@NCSU During COVID-19 site and the facilities page for continued guidance.