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Michael Bradshaw

Assistant Professor

Partners Building III, Room 235

Area(s) of Expertise

My research covers a wide spectrum of subjects, with specialized expertise in key areas such as taxonomy, population genetics, evolution, and disease control. Central to my work is the use of historical herbarium specimens to elucidate temporal and spatial movement patterns of emerging plant pathogens. My primary study organisms are obligate pathogens, with a particular focus on powdery mildews. I address a broad spectrum of inquiries within the realms of plant pathology, mycology, and evolution by employing a wide range of methodological tools such as fieldwork, laboratory experiments, greenhouse studies, herbarium specimen analysis, genetic sequencing, and bioinformatics. Additionally, I explore the cultivation of fungi from understudied biomes and investigate fungicide resistance mechanisms at the genetic level.


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B.S., Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Delaware (2012)
M.S., Plant Science, University of Washington (2016)
Ph.D., Plant Pathology, University of Washington (2020)