Foundation for Agromedicine and Toxicology

The Foundation for Agromedicine and Toxicology and its fundraising activities operate under the auspices of the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation chartered by the State of North Carolina (Tax ID 56-6049304). The Foundation supports research, education and outreach in these two sciences. While the Foundation may support any meritorious project in either of these areas, initial emphasis will be placed on projects in areas inadequately supported by existing support mechanisms, namely educational methods and materials, and outreach.

Healthy food and fiber from safe and healthy workers.

For the greater good in the chemical age.

Supplemental Scholarship Program

The Supplemental Scholarship program is designed to enrich the graduate experience.

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Board of Directors

  • W. Gregory Cope, Ph.D. (toxicology and agromedicine)
  • Peter Hansen (banking and finance)
  • M. Elizabeth Hodgson, Ph.D. (epidemiology)
  • R. Michael Roe, Ph.D. (molecular biology)
  • Andrew D. Wallace, Ph.D. (toxicology and agromedicine)
  • Robin Tutor Marcom, Ed.D., MPH, OTR/L (agromedicine)
  • Chris Cammarene-Wessel (NC Agricultural Foundation)
  • Leonard Williams, Ph.D. (agromedicine)

Founding Director, Ernest Hodgson, PhD. (toxicology and agromedicine) - Deceased

Ernest Hodgson

Dr. Ernest Hodgson was a William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Toxicology, a founder of the North Carolina Agromedicine Institute and the first head of NC State’s former Department of Toxicology. An internationally recognized expert in biochemical toxicology research, outreach, education and service to his profession, Hodgson died Oct. 10, 2018, in Raleigh. Hodgson joined NC State’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences faculty in 1961 as an assistant professor of entomology. He was named a William Reynolds Distinguished Professor in 1977, and he was appointed to serve as head of the Department of Toxicology when it was formed at NC State in 1989. He later moved to the Department of Applied Ecology.

While at NC State, he was editor and co-author of two toxicology textbooks, the “Dictionary of Toxicology” and the “Dictionary of Agromedicine.” He also won numerous awards, including the Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award from the Society of Toxicology, an international organization of scientists from academic institutions, government and industry. He was won prestigious awards from the American Chemical Society and the International Society for the Society of the Xenobiotics and was the latter’s past president. In 1996 Hodgson received the O. Max Gardner Award, an annual award given by the 17-campus Consolidated University of North Carolina. The award goes to one faculty member considered to have made the greatest contribution to the welfare of the human race in the past year. Hodgson was one of the organizers of the North Carolina Agromedicine Institute, a partnership of NC State University, N.C. A&T State University and East Carolina dedicated to identifying and addressing the health and safety risks of farmers, foresters, fishermen, their families and communities in North Carolina.