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Nathan Hostetter

Assistant Professor

Assistant Unit Leader – NC Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research


PhD, Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, NC State University (2016)

Research Interests

Population ecology, quantitative ecology, demographic modeling, endangered species research.

My research integrates movement, population, and landscape ecology to study how environmental processes and anthropogenic stressors affect population dynamics. I link research to decision making by combining field studies, ecological theory, and robust statistical and mathematical modeling methods to directly quantify processes critical to informing management decisions. Given these broad applications, work within my lab spans a range of game and nongame species across terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems (mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles).

Selected Publications

Hostetter NJ, D Ryan, D Grosshuesch, T Catton, S Malick-Wahls, TA Smith, and B Gardner. 2020. Quantifying spatiotemporal occupancy dynamics and multi-year core-use areas at a species range boundary. Diversity and Distributions. 26:795–805.

Hostetter NJ and JA Royle. 2020. Movement-assisted localization from acoustic telemetry data. Movement Ecology. 8:15–26. Kazyak DC, AM Flowers, NJ Hostetter, JA Madsen, M Breece, A Higgs, LM Brown, JA Royle, DA. Fox. 2020. Integrating side-scan sonar and acoustic telemetry to estimate the annual spawning run size of Atlantic sturgeon in the Hudson River. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 77:1038–1048.

Payton Q, AF Evans, NJ Hostetter, DD Roby, BM Cramer, and K Collis. Measuring the additive effects of predation on prey survival across multiple spatial scales. Ecological Applications. 30:e02193.

Hostetter NJ, B Gardner, TS Sillett, KH Pollock, and TR Simons. 2019. An integrated model decomposing the components of detection probability and abundance in unmarked populations. Ecosphere. 10:e02586.

Lloyd NA, NJ Hostetter, CL Jackson, SJ Converse, and A Moehrenschlager. 2019. Optimizing release strategies: a stepping-stone approach to reintroduction. Animal Conservation 22:105–115.

Hostetter NJ, B Gardner, AF Evans, BM Cramer, Q Payton, K Collis, and DD Roby. 2018. Wanted dead or alive: a state-space mark-recapture-recovery model incorporating multiple recovery types and state uncertainty. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 75:1117–1127.

Link WA, SJ Converse, AA Yackel Adams, and NJ Hostetter. 2018. Analysis of population change and movement using removal data. Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics. 23:463–477.

Regehr EV, NJ Hostetter, RR Wilson, KD Rode, M St. Martin, and SJ Converse. 2018. Integrated population modeling provides the first empirical estimates of vital rates and abundance for polar bears in the Chukchi Sea. Scientific Reports. 8:16780.

Hostetter NJ, B Gardner, SH Schweitzer, R Boettcher, AL Wilke, L Addison, WR Swilling, KH Pollock, and TR Simons. 2015. Repeated count surveys help standardize multi-agency estimates of American Oystercatcher (Haematopus palliatus) abundance. The Condor 117:354–363.


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