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Harry Daniels

Sr. Assoc Dean

Patterson Hall 110



Ph.D., Water Quality, Auburn University (1989)

Research Interests

Aquaculture of freshwater and marine fish and shrimp

Southern Flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma)
Our objective is to establish the first southern flounder farms in the U.S. We have focused our efforts on husbandry techniques for rearing flounder to market size in closed, freshwater recirculating systems. Research projects have resulted in the development of breeding methods for all-females fingerling through production of gynogenetic diploids. Coupled with previous work on temperature-dependent sex determination, these flounder will reduce the time to market while promoting feed efficiency and economic performance.

Hybrid Striped Bass (Morone chrysops x M. saxatilis)
Current research efforts are focused on the establishment of practical methods for effluent managment from hybrid striped bass production ponds. Production practices for hybrid striped bass require annual draining of the ponds to allow complete harvest of fish, to control external parasites, and for periodic pond renovation. Because of these practices, water use is high and effluents from fish ponds frequently leave the farms and enter public waters.

Studies have been conducted on the use of compensatory growth to improve feed efficiency and water quality. A multi-year study of zero-discharge production shows promising results that need to be validated in on-farm trials. Further studies to characterize effluents in receiving waters and to evaluate the effectiveness of Best Management Practices are currently being conducted and will continue for the next several years.

Selected Publications

Park, J., Kim, Y., Kim, P. K., & Daniels, H. V. (2011). Effects of two different ozone doses on seawater recirculating systems for black sea bream Acanthopagrus schlegeli (Bleeker): Removal of solids and bacteria by foam fractionation. Aquacultural Engineering, 44(1), 19-24.

Oh, S. Y., Kang, R. S., Myoung, J. G., Kim, C. K., Park, J., & Daniels, H. V. (2010). Effect of ration size restriction on compensatory growth and proximate composition of dark-banded rockfish, Sebastes inermis. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, 41(6), 923-930.

Drake, S. L., Drake, M. A., Sanderson, R., Daniels, H. V., & Yates, M. D. (2010). The effect of purging time on the sensory properties of aquacultured southern flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma). Journal of Sensory Studies, 25(2), 246-259.

View publication list in the NC State’s Scholarly Publications Repository.