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How to Apply – AEHS Graduate Programs

Review the application requirements, deadlines and review process to start your application to a graduate program in Agricultural Education and Human Sciences at NC State.

Application Requirements

Our requirements are consistent with the NC State Graduate School. View the NC State Graduate School handbook for full information on the graduate school application process.

  • Minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA for master’s students; 3.5 graduate GPA for doctoral students
  • Three letters of recommendation (At least one academic reference)
  • Personal statement – Prospective graduate students will draft a statement of purpose for graduate work. If the student intends to complete a thesis or dissertation, the statement should also indicate the nature of potential research work, including possible topics or questions, and minimally two professors from the agricultural and human sciences department whose research areas potentially align with those possible research topics. Prospective students should plan to meet with faculty prior to submitting their applications to discuss the research with those professors and include those ideas in the statement.
  • Relevant experience
    • For doctoral applicants:1-year required experience, 3 years recommended
    • Relevant experience in extension, teaching, industry, leadership, or other closely related fields
  • Transcripts of all previous collegiate work
  • Application fee

Application Deadlines and Review Process


Applicants must submit their application and all supporting documents to the Graduate School by midnight Eastern Standard Time on the deadline.

  • Fall Semester: February 1 for assistantship consideration and international students, June 15 for US students
  • Spring Semester: July 15 for international students, Nov. 1 for US students
  • Summer Semester  I: Dec. 15 for International students, March 25 for US students
  • Summer Semester II: Dec. 15 for International students, May 10 for US students

Students apply to the Agricultural Education and Human Sciences graduate program online through the Graduate School. 

Review Process

Applications are reviewed after the stated deadlines.

Departmental Assistantships

A limited number of departmental research/teaching assistantships are available on a competitive basis. Applications for open positions are due in February for the following academic year. Other financial options are available from the Office of Financial Aid and on a competitive basis from the Graduate School.

Elementary school teacher talking with a student.

Current Departmental Assistantships

The assistantships available within the department are listed below for the 2024-2025 school year. The deadline to apply for assistantships for Fall 2024 is February 1. Please contact the primary contact listed on each posting for additional information.

Continuing Education (Non-Degree Studies)

Students can take up to 12 hours as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student in the Non-Degree Studies program and have the courses count toward a master’s degree.  


  • Students must earn a B or higher in NDS courses to be eligible for transfer into the master’s or certificate program
  • All the courses must be letter graded, no courses that are graded S or U are eligible for transfer
  • Courses must be at the 500 level or above
  • A maximum of 12 hours can be transferred into a master’s degree program; A maximum of 6 hours can be transferred into a certificate program


  • You can “test drive” the master’s program to make sure it is right for you.
  • If your undergraduate GPA is low, you can take courses to show that you are capable of handling graduate work. This will improve your chance of getting accepted into the graduate program.
  • There are no “months in advance” application deadlines. You can apply a few days before classes start.


  • Students have six years to complete the master’s degree. The six-year clock starts with the first course the student wants to count toward the degree. Make sure to plan your studies to account for this time frame because taking NDS courses can have a major impact on the length of time to complete the graduate program.
  • Students have four years to complete the certificate program. The four-year clock starts with the first course the student wants to count toward the certificate. Make sure to plan your studies to account for this time frame because taking NDS courses can have an impact on the length of time to complete the certificate.
  • Students are not assigned an advisor while enrolled in courses in the NDS program.
  • We do not have full access to continuing education students’ records. Students must register through the Department of Registration and Records to register for continuing education courses each semester.