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Rhea Hebert

Lin Walker seated at a microscope, wearing a white lab coat

Feb 22, 2021

Lin Walker Brings Applied Research Passion to PDPS and Poultry Extension

Food safety is an important, ongoing concern for poultry producers and consumers. PDPS is happy to announce Lin Walker as our new Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist focusing on applied microbiology. 

students in masks hold a large check

Nov 24, 2020

Students Helping Students: PSC Donates to Feed the Pack Pantry

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we're giving thanks for the inspiring students of the Poultry Science Club (PSC) and their generous donation to the Feed the Pack pantry. 

3-D rendering showing medullary, trabecular and cortical bone separated out

Nov 16, 2020

Micro-CT Adaptation Shines Light on What’s Inside a Chicken Bone

What do french fries, ice cream and chicken bone health have in common? Micro-CT technology can help researchers understand their structure. Sean Chen and Woo Kim just published their adaptations of micro-CT, showing its application to complex chicken bones. 

youth with white market turkeys in a semicircle

Oct 30, 2020

NCDA&CS Hosts the 2020 Youth Market Turkey Show, Keeps Safety in Mind

Even in a year full of challenges, North Carolina youth make us proud! Watch our highlights video of the 2020 Youth Market Turkey Show and see who took honors in each class. 

Sean Chen using a pipette to add material to a test tube

Oct 9, 2020

Sean Chen Brings Research Expertise and More to PDPS

Get to know Sean Chen. The newest addition to the PDPS and CALS faculty, he's a vet with deep research expertise, a range of hobbies and a desire to collaborate. 

Close up of Ramon Malheiros

Oct 2, 2020

A New Track: Malheiros Moves Into Reproductive Physiology Position

We're excited that long-time colleague Ramon Malheiros transitioned in July to a tenure-track position emphasizing poultry reproductive physiology, and plans to continue and expand his collaborations. 

Sophie Chance behind the Cobb sign

Sep 16, 2020

COVID Can’t Stop the Learning: Interning During a Pandemic

Summer is normally a busy time for poultry science undergraduates, with many heading into internships. This year was a little less straightforward. Hear from students how COVID-19 impacted their plans. 

Five people standing in front of a very large screen wall

Sep 8, 2020

Batting 1000: Feed Milling Awarded Third DELTA Grant

DELTA Grants has announced the 2020-2021 awardees and there are a couple of familiar faces on the list. It’s grants, not baseball, but power hitters Adam Fahrenholz and Marissa Herchler are batting a thousand. 

Jennifer Harrison with a horned brown and and white goat

Aug 20, 2020

New and Essential: Jennifer Harrison Joins Feed Mill Team

What do cowboy mounted shooting, making animal feed and NC State have in common? NC State Feed Mill's newest research tech, Jennifer Harrison, has them all covered! 

NC State belltower

Aug 3, 2020

PDPS Celebrates Spring 2020 Award Winners and Graduates

While the spring semester may seem like a long time ago (blame COVID-19), and the fall semester is just around the corner, PDPS is celebrating the students who persevered through…