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Students Helping Students: PSC Donates to Feed the Pack Pantry

students in masks hold a large check
Left to right: Story Hix, Je'Juan Bryant, Alex Blanchard, Hannah Lewis, Sophie Chance, Rose Krebs, Jacob Hinson and Sydney Souther

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re giving thanks for the inspiring students of the Poultry Science Club (PSC).

Student clubs, like everyone else on campus (and beyond), have had to adapt to COVID-19. This year, that meant our students wouldn’t hold their spring or fall club dinners. When NC State shifted to virtual platforms, student organizations had to shift, too, which meant the PSC had to discontinue their face-to-face meetings — including their dinners.

So, instead, they decided to donate their funds to the Feed the Pack pantry. On Monday November 16, PSC club members presented a check to Feed the Pack for $1200.

Sophie Chance, Poultry Science Club Social Chair 2020-2021, explained the club’s motivation.

“As a club, I think that we were searching for a way to make a difference in our local community and donating to Feed the Pack was a perfect way to do just that,” she said.

She added, “Food security and nutrition are extremely important to me and I am thankful that we were able to help.”

We were searching for a way to make a difference.

The donation will help — a lot. Feed the Pack has a wide range of partnerships in the community, ensuring that it can multiply the impact from every dollar donated.

“Feed the Pack food pantry relies on donations to meet the food needs of our community. Support from organizations like the Poultry Science Club helps us purchase fresh produce, bulk foods and necessary supplies to keep our shelves stocked and the pantry running smoothly during this difficult time,” said Rose Krebs, Executive Director of Feed the Pack.

The Feed the Pack pantry is a resource for all NC State community members experiencing food insecurity. According to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, there’s been an almost 38% increase in local food insecurity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. On campus, changes in housing and instruction have highlighted the need for essentials, including food and stable internet.

The charts below, from Feed the Pack (used with permission), illustrate the surge in pantry use since COVID-19.

side-by-side bar charts showing food in and food out for the Feed the Pack pantry
line chart with two series, showing a steep rise in pantry use and a decline in food donations
These data collections represent the annual intake of food in pounds for the food pantry, as well as how many pounds are distributed. These graphs also show the impact COVID-19 has had on the food pantry over the past year.

“As students, we know how hard COVID-19 has affected all of NC State’s community.

The Poultry Science Club wanted to find a way to help our community with the impact that COVID-19 has brought. We knew that Feed the Pack would best be able to utilize our donation where it is needed most. We wanted to support the Pack in these challenging times by donating to ensure the Wolfpack has the resources they need.

As students, we know how hard COVID-19 has affected all of [us].

I am grateful we were able to give a little something back to our NC State community,” said Alex Blanchard, Poultry Science Club President 2020-2021.

The club’s faculty advisor, Lynn Worley-Davis, pointed out the club’s ongoing pantry support. In Fall 2019, the Poultry Science Club Service co-chairs coordinated a food drive for Feed the Pack and donated approximately 265 pounds of food to the pantry.

As Hannah Lewis, Poultry Science Club Vice President 2020-2021 said, “Our club really wanted to continue making an impact on the campus that we hold so near and dear to our hearts, so we decided to donate to Feed the Pack food pantry. We chose to donate to Feed the Pack so that in these difficult times, our fellow members of the Pack will continue to have the resources they need.”

“Feed the Pack will undoubtedly help many people with the money that our club contributed, and to me that is really gratifying, because I know that we are lending a hand to members of our family, our community and our Wolfpack,” she added.

As we all plan for an unusual Thanksgiving, we’re grateful for the generosity and leadership shown by our Poultry Science Club students. Their donation will help address food insecurity in our campus community and sets an example for how to think and do with compassion.