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Clubs and Programs

Botany Club on Field Trip

Life as a plant and microbial biology student is not just about hitting the books. Student organizations and activities can help you develop social, professional and leadership skills. They are also a great way to meet new friends!

Botany Club

The Botany Club is an academic club that promotes and encourages scholarly interactions among students interested in the fundamental study of plants. The club is open to all NC State students; most members either major or minor in plant biology or another life science discipline.

The club holds biweekly meetings during the fall and spring semesters. Members connect and learn about plants through hands-on activities and guest speakers. Each semester, club members take off-campus trips to botanical sites and participate in service projects.

For more information on the Botany Club, email Chad Jordan

Plant Biology Graduate Student Association

The Plant Biology Graduate Student Association (PBGSA) is the official group for graduate students in plant biology at NC State University.

Microbiology Graduate Student Association

The Microbiology Graduate Student Association (MBGSA) is comprised of microbiology graduate students from all our microbiology graduate degree programs at NC State University. Students in other degree programs with an interest in microbiology are also invited to join the MBGSA. For more information on the MBGSA, email Michael Hyman

Study Abroad

Plant Resources & Ecology in China

Plant Biology students study plants in China.

This study abroad course examines natural plant resources of Eastern Asia, and explores Chinese culture and religions combining classroom and field exercises. During this 3-week program, students from Zhejiang University will join NC State students and visit famous Chinese gardens, markets and museums in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, as well as take trips to villages and the Buddhist and Taoist temples in the mountains. Students gain skills in field botany, as well as knowledge of wetland and mountain vegetations, and plant biodiversity and its uses in China through lectures and field trips to these famous locations in eastern China.

For more information on this and other studying abroad programs, visit the CALS International Programs website.

Studying Tropical Plant Pathology in Costa Rica

Bridget Lassiter, a former Ph.D. student, describes her experience traveling in Costa Rica as part of the Global Plant Health internship.

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