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Spring 2024 PMB Seminars

Seminars are held in 3503 Thomas Hall - Stephens Room, from 4:00-5:00 pm, unless otherwise stated. View our events calendar here. Check back periodically for added seminars.
We also list presentations in the Microbiomes and Complex Microbial Communities cluster, a Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program. These are labeled as "(M^3)".

1/30Dennis Keefe Exponent“FDA’s Premarket Review Programs for Food and Food Ingredients“Madison Moore, MBGSA
2/1Brianna Almeida and Xavious AllenNC State UniversityTBD, (M^3)Christine Hawkes
2/20Robbin C. MoranThe New York Botanical Garden“Some Fascinating Aspects of Fern Biology” (Remote)Jim Mickle
2/27Angela KentUniversity of IllinoisRoadMAPs for Sustainability: Mining Ancient Genomes for Crops of the FutureChristine Hawkes
3/5Acer VanWallendaelNC State University“The genetics of pathogen and microbiome control in the switchgrass leaf”Jenny Xiang
3/7Tyler J. CarrierGEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research“Microbes as Manipulators of Sea Urchin Development” (M^3)Manuel Kleiner
3/12Miranda Sinnott-ArmstrongDuke University“The Evolution of Color Diversity in Fleshy Fruits”Jenny Xiang
3/19Nick KortessisWake Forest University“Understanding how spatiotemporal variation can enhance the growth and spread of infectious disease”Seema Sheth
3/26LW Parks Lecture: Caroline Ajo-FranklinRice University“Programming Bacteria for Real-time Sensing and Sustainable MaterialsMB Students & Faculty
4/4Zhe LyuNC State UniversityTBD, (M^3)Manuel Kleiner
4/9Kylie AllenVirginia Tech“Uncovering New Functions of Old Radical SAM Enzymes in Anaerobic Archaea” Zhe Lyu
4/16BW Wells Speaker: Sarah Davidson Evanega Boyce Thompson Institute“Agricultural Biotechnology: The Time is Now”PBGSA
5/2Adina HoweIowa State University“Microbial drivers of global change” (M^3)Manuel Kleiner
6/6Samuel OliveiraN.C. A&T State UniversityTBD, (M^3)Manuel Kleiner
6/28Miguel Moreno-RisuenoCenter for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics (CBGP)
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
“Investigating Root Morphogenesis and Regeneration: Lateral Root Clocks and Initiation at Cellular Resolution”Ross Sozzani

View past seminar recordings here.