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Researchers and Postdocs

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Brianna Almeida

Postdoctoral Fellow - Hawkes Lab

William Amoakon

Postdoc- Hanley-Bowdoin Lab

Mary Carbone

Principal Research Scholar- Grunden Lab

Mary Dallas

Lab Research Specialist- Hanley-Bowdoin Lab

Molly DuBois

Research Technician- Kleiner Lab

Brianne Edwards

Research Assistant - Alonso-Stepanova Lab

Mario Fenech-Torres

Postdoc - Alonso-Stepanova Lab

Miguel Flores Vergara

Senior Research Scholar- Franks Lab

Meng-Jia Lau

Postdoc - Raymann Lab

Wen-Yu Liu

Research Scholar - Long Lab

Bryn Merritt

Research Technician- Orlando Lab

Leigh Anne Mickelson-Young

Research Assistant - Thompson Lab

Gaurav Pal

Postdoc - Kleiner Lab

Cyprian Rajabu

Research Associate - Hanley-Bowdoin Lab

Carole Saravitz

Research Associate Professor; Phytotron Director

Wei Shen

Research Associate - Hanley-Bowdoin Lab

Christy Smith

Research Specialist - Hyman Lab

Emily Wear

Laboratory Supervisor - Thompson Lab

Emily Wheeler

Postdoc - Hanley-Bowdoin Lab

Matthew Willman

Research Assistant - Hawkes Lab and Brown-Guedira Lab

Chengsong Zhao

Sr. Research Scholar - Alonso-Stepanova Lab

Affiliated Centers

Adrian Percy

Professor; Executive Director of the North Carolina Plant Sciences Initiative (N.C. PSI)

Carole Saravitz

Research Associate Professor; Phytotron Director