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Department of Applied Ecology

a camera trap picture of a black bear

Sep 26, 2023

Black Bear Project is a Roaring Success

The Coastal Black Bear Project is studying black bears in eastern North Carolina and providing students with hands-on research experience. 

freshwater mussels in water

Sep 25, 2023

Sea Salt is Lethal to Early Life Stages of Three Freshwater Mussel Species

This new study details how salt water intrusion is a threat to the future of freshwater mussels. 

ants crawling in dirt

Sep 20, 2023

Get Curious with Urban Entomologists

On this episode of the Farms, Food and You podcast, learn why the creepy crawlies in our cities are important to the ecosystem. 

Researchers walking upstream in a river in Puerto Rico.

Aug 23, 2023

Mature Female American Eels Located In Caribbean

American eel lifecycles are famously mysterious, but a new study locates and important source of large female eels. 

angular metal arch silhouetted against a cloudy sky

Jul 5, 2023

Is Our Phosphorus Use Sustainable? Most Stakeholders Doubt It

The study underscores the complex challenges facing efforts to ensure our continued access to a critical agricultural and industry resource. 

David Andow headshot

May 31, 2023

David Andow to Lead Applied Ecology

An accomplished ecologist with an extensive international background in agriculture and species conservation will lead the Department of Applied Ecology. 

a bee on a purple flower

May 20, 2023

Keeping the Bees Buzzing

In this episode of Farms, Food and You, learn about honey bee health, the honey bee's role in agriculture, and NC State's bee research and outreach programs. 

a metal thermometer gently touches the back of a bee on a flower

May 17, 2023

Study Finds Carrying Pollen Heats Up Bumble Bees, Raising New Climate Change Questions

The study raises questions about how bee species will be impacted by a warmer world due to climate change. 


May 16, 2023

Science Communicator Makes a Splash

Whether she's teaching students or swimming with sharks, Michelle Jewell with the Department of Applied Ecology finds inspiring ways to share science. 

woman wearing latex gloves measures an object on a surgical tray in a laboratory

Apr 27, 2023

Study Finds Significant Variation in Anatomy of Human Guts

Researchers found significant variation in the anatomy of the human digestive system, with pronounced differences possible between healthy individuals.