NCSU CALS Animal Science major David Cox

Our Rural Future

CALS Magazine, Spring 2018

Telling The Stories of Rural NC

Across the state, eyes are on rural North Carolina — especially when it comes to education. For this issue, we’ve gathered a few of our most inspiring students and staff to tell rural stories through the eyes of those who know them best: the people who live and work there.

Join us on our journey from the Blue Ridge Mountains to Currituck Sound, telling the stories of rural North Carolina — and CALS. Just scroll down, or check out our digital publication.

Go Pack and Go CALS!

Richard Linton, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

CALS Animal Science Major David Cox from Sparta in Freedom of Experession Tunnel NCSU

This Is Sparta

Some students from rural areas see college as their ticket out of country life — but Alleghany County native David Cox is fighting to go back and stay.

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