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N.C. State workshop explores new technologies for re-using water and increasing water supply

Media Contact: Joni Tanner at or 919-513-1678.

A North Carolina State University workshop focusing on how local, state and regional businesses and communities can recycle and re-use water to save money and replenish the local water supply will be held Aug. 24-26 in Greensboro.

The 2nd Annual Water and Wastewater Re-use for Clean, Green and Smart Rural and Urban Communities will highlight decentralized water reclamation technologies that regenerate new water from used wastewater, roof rainwater and other sources.

Developers and re-use engineers from across North America will provide their lessons learned on how to safely treat and re-use wastewater and gray water as well as how to use rainwater harvesting as non-potable water supplies for commercial buildings, shopping centers, golf courses, hotels and even high-rise residential buildings. Developers, local officials and experts from the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta will discuss how communities and individual buildings can capture and re-use water at the point of use and need.

On Aug. 25, participants will visit five sites that capture, treat and re-use water on site, saving facilities money and easing strain on the local water supply. Sites include the Northern Guilford Middle and High School Complex in Guilford County, where participants will learn about the school’s rooftop rainwater harvesting system for toilet and urinal flush waters and use of the Living Machine wastewater re-use technology for supply of irrigation water; and the Lexington Golf Course, which collects sewer waste from a nearby pipeline, treats it using a decentralized water reclamation system hidden on the golf course and turns it into a beneficial source of irrigation water for the same property.

Workshop topics include: Why Traditional Water Supply Approaches Won’t Work Anymore; Community-scale Re-use Lessons Learned; Decentralized Re-use: The Need for a New Water Supply Paradigm in the U.S.; Decentralized Water Reclamation Technologies Overview; Use of Decentralized Water Reclamation at Businesses, Hotels and Facilities; and Re-use Rules and Regulations.

Speakers include researchers, developers, green builders, regulators, operators, community leaders and business owners.

For more information on the workshop and to register, visit or contact Joni Tanner at or 919-513-1678. Pre-registration is advised as space is limited.

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