College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Environmental Experts

Mike Boyette, P.E.
Philip Morris Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Conducts research on thermochemical conversion of biomass to energy, fuels and chemicals; post-harvest handling of produce crops; and crop harvest mechanization

Jay Cheng
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Develops technologies for biological conversion of organic wastes to bioenergy, for nutrient recovery from wastewaters and for transformation of agricultural residues into biofuels

Mari Chinn
Associate Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Investigates the biotechnological potential of North Carolina commodities, including ones that be used for biofuel, through the development and design of biological processes that improve system efficiency and economic impact

Amy Grunden
Associate Professor

Conducts research on microbes to enhance renewable energy production

Sarah Kirby
Associate Professor and Extension Housing Specialist
4-H Youth Development and Family and Consumer Sciences

Conducts extension education programs focused on reducing energy demand and increasing energy efficiency in homes through behavioral changes and the use of efficient technologies and structural retrofit

Praveen Kolar
Assistant Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Develops and evaluates treatment and management strategies to produce bioenergy and value-added products from agricultural waste and develops aquaculture products using technology that has little or no impact on the local environment

Tom Ranney
Horticultural Science

Evaluates and improves new crops, including new nursery and bioenergy crops with with greater adaptability, pest resistance and commercial potential

Ratna Sharma
Associate Professor
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Focuses on production of biofuels and value-added products from biological substrates, such as agricultural and food processing residues, and on extraction and production of antimicrobial compounds for application in food safety

Larry Stikeleather, P.E.
Biological and Agricultural Engineering
919 515-6754

Conducts research on mechanical and biomechanical systems, including on-farm biofuel production for vehicle use and development of transportation fuels from renewable feedstocks, such as microalgae

Matt Veal
Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Conducts research and extension education programs on biofuels — renewable, alternative forms of motor fuels that are produced from naturally occurring organic compounds such as plant material and animal fats

Deyu Xie
Associate Professor
Plant Biology

Focuses on understanding the structure and biosynthesis as well as metabolomes of plant natural products and applying findings to modify plants for food, nutraceuticals and bioenergy

Heike Sederoff
Associate Professor
Plant Biology

Conducts research on signal transduction and response systems of plants under environmental stress and applies genomic and metabolic engineering of oil crops and marine microalgae for biofuel and industrial enzyme production

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