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CES foundations announce new endowments

Despite a slow economy, the three foundations that support North Carolina Cooperative Extension had something to celebrate at their last meeting: 14 new endowments and enhancement funds.

Dr. Johnny Wynne, dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, presided over the September luncheon meeting of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Foundation, the 4-H Development Fund, the Family and Consumer Sciences Foundation and the North Carolina Extension and Community Association Foundation.

Through the Campaign for Counties, Extension has established at least one fund in all 100 of the state’s counties. At press time, the total number of funds that support counties was 750.

The new endowments and funds are

  • John Q. Adams V Agricultural Scholarship Endowment for Greene County
  • The Friends of the Arbor Gate Enhancement Fund (Alamance County)
  • Hertford County CES Literary Enhancement Fund
  • Lenoir County Master Gardeners Enhancement Fund
  • McInnis Family Scholarship Fund for Youth in Meat Goat Programs
  • Rockingham County CES Endowment
  • North Carolina Family & Consumer Sciences Program Enhancement Fund
  • North Central Extension & Community Association Enhancement Fund
  • Hilda Teague Cope Endowment for the Eastern 4-H Center
  • Dr. Thomas N. Hobgood Jr. and Mrs. Miriam A. Hobgood 4-H Scholarship Endowment
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau 4-H Agricultural Leadership Endowment
  • North Carolina State 4-H Council Program Enhancement Fund
  • North Carolina 4-H Program Enhancement Fund
  • Northeast District 4-H Council Enhancement Fund

– Suzanne Stanard

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