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August 2018

Aerial view of Belltower and downtown Raleigh to the east of campus.

Aug 31, 2018

You Decide: How is North Carolina’s Economy at Mid-Year?

Mid-year analysis for state economies is starting to come in. How has North Carolina looked so far for 2018? 

cut flowers

Aug 29, 2018

N.C. Farm School is Helping a Flower Business Bloom

Since its inception, the North Carolina Farm School has grown statewide and helped launch nearly 50 new farms in North Carolina. 

NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences professor Dr. Mike Walden working in a recording studio.

Aug 28, 2018

Economic Perspective: Where Are the Jobs?

With talk of growth in the job market, many are wondering what industries are hiring. 

group of people enjoying a party in a barn with lights.

Aug 28, 2018

Celebrating Local Food, Local Farms

North Carolina has a year-round growing season for agriculture, and the Center for Environmental Farming System's Farm to Fork initiative is celebrating that fact by spreading out its 2018 activities over several seasons. 

Aerial view of the biotech center

Aug 27, 2018

NC Biotech: A Crown Jewel for CALS Students

The NC Biotechnology Center helps agricultural and life sciences businesses in North Carolina grow -- and it’s a tremendous resource for CALS students. 

Accumulation of the HOPS subunit VPS41 at the vacuole membrane where it overlaps with the membrane marker SYP22.

Aug 23, 2018

Plant Protein Complex Plays Larger Role Than Previously Known in Important Growth and Development Process

A little-studied plant cellular complex plays an essential role in a biological process – vacuole fusion – critical to plant growth and development, according to new research from North Carolina State University. The findings shed light on complex and important plant processes as well as on how plants may have adapted to respond to environmental signals. 

Wellington Ekaya of BecA-ILRI Hub; Linda Hanley-Bowdoin and George Kennedy of NC State at NSF-PIRES project launch

Aug 22, 2018

Partner Profile: BecA-ILRI Hub

CALS researchers Linda Hanley-Bowdoin and Trino Ascencio-Ibanez launched an international partnership through the Biosciences eastern and central Africa – International Livestock Research Institute (BecA-ILRI) Hub focused on studying the evolution of Cassava mosaic disease. 

CALS grad Bonny Olokaå

Aug 21, 2018

Helping Hidden Hunger: Student Researcher Bonny Oloka

In his own words, Horticultural Science's Bonny Oloka explains how he hopes his sweet potato research will impact hunger in his native Uganda. 

Female student measuring length of fish with man taking a record

Aug 21, 2018

Speaking Mattamuskeet – And Saving A Research Project

Applied Ecology’s April Lamb is a graduate student researcher studying invasive carp in North Carolina’s largest natural lake – and learning to translate that research for those who need it. 

People with shovels gathered around a mound of dirt

Aug 21, 2018

“Realization of a Dream”: NC FFA Center Breaks Ground on New Dormitory

On an early August afternoon along the banks of White Lake in Bladen County, North Carolina, state FFA leaders, youth, educators and corporate supporters gathered to celebrate the ground-breaking of a new female dormitory at the NC FFA Center.