New Center for Electron Microscopy Liquid Nitrogen Protocol

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In order to continue to provide liquid nitrogen to faculty who must maintain critical ongoing research and also abide by new safety measures required by the COVID-19 crisis, we are instituting the new protocol below for dispensing liquid nitrogen by our trained and certified users, to be observed until further notice.  Please be advised that liquid nitrogen will be maintained only for essential functions (e.g. long-term cryostorage for maintenance of cell cultures).  The use of the CALS EM liquid nitrogen service should be minimized as much as possible.  If you are an authorized user needing more than 10 liters (kg) of liquid nitrogen, please notify Dr. John Mackenzie ( and allow time for him to check the tank level remotely by camera to be sure there is an adequate amount available for your purposes (and provide time for him to obtain more if needed).

  • Immediately upon entering 1225 Gardner Hall, please wash your hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap provided at the sink. Paper towels are located in the dispenser on the right-hand side of the cabinet above the sink.
  • Choose and wear the appropriately sized green nitrile gloves located to the right of the liquid nitrogen computer keyboard. Wear them until you are ready to leave the room.
  • Log into the liquid nitrogen computer using DUO authentication as usual.
  • The Center’s blue Cryo gloves will be worn OVER the nitrile gloves.
  • Set up your dewar and dispense your liquid nitrogen as instructed during your training.
  • Carefully remove the Cryo gloves, keeping your nitrile gloves on to record your purchase at the computer.
  • If you should accidentally remove the nitrile gloves, discard them and get a new pair from the table.
  • Clean the safety glasses and face shield using alcohol (provided at the sink) and paper towels.
  • Remove and discard the nitrile gloves and wash your hands again for 20 seconds as above before leaving the room.

Room 1225 Gardner will remain open 24 hours, 7 days a week to allow night and weekend access at all times. Please ask your trained users not to close the door or shut off the lights. If the door has been closed, please contact Dr. John Mackenzie (919-607-2006) for the electronic code to unlock the door.

In addition, liquid nitrogen training will be suspended until further notice.

We understand these are difficult times for all and we sincerely appreciate your cooperation with this change in protocol.

Thank you,

Dr. John Mackenzie and Valerie Lapham