Interim Associate Dean for CALS Academic Programs Named

Kim Allen

Kimberly Allen joined the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in 2009 and starting on Feb. 16, Allen will take on her newest challenge as the interim associate dean for CALS Academic Programs.

In Aug. 2020, Allen became the associate director of academic programs. In this role, Allen leads the CALS Honors program, other student success programs, CALS distance education and graduate programs. Allen brings a wealth of departmental experience to the position, previously serving as the director of graduate programs for the Youth, Family and Community Science master’s degree, chair of the CALS Graduate Studies Committee, board member for the Graduate School and instructor.

John Dole, who will take on the role of interim dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, effective Feb. 16, said “Kim’s experience, positivity and energy will serve her well as interim associate dean.” Dole added, “She has done much in her time as associate director of academic programs and I have no doubt she will continue to help move the college forward in her new role.”

To assist the CALS Academic Programs office, Rhonda Sutton and John Classen will work together to fulfill the associate director of academic programs duties and support the interim associate dean.Rhonda Sutton

Sutton will lead CALS Honors, support CALS clubs and organizations and promote student success. Sutton is director of the CALS Leadership Office and an Extension assistant professor with the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, positions she will continue to hold.

Classen will oversee the graduate fellowship and scholarship process, coordinate director of graduate program (DGP) meetings, support current and orient new DGPs, assist with graduate mentoring efforts and support graduate student actions. Classen is the director of graduate programs for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering and associate professor, positions he will continue to hold.John Claussen

When asked how she feels about taking on the interim associate dean position, Allen said, “I’m honored and excited to have this opportunity. CALS is an extraordinary place to learn and work, and I can’t wait to do all I can to support our students and faculty.”