CALS Strategic Planning Update

The CALS strategic planning process, which kicked off in spring 2021, is well underway and making great progress towards the creation of our new strategic plan that will chart the course for CALS through the year 2030. We have specifically designed this process to be stakeholder-driven to ensure the plan is a reflection of everyone within, or touched by, the CALS community.

Over the past year our planning team, which includes faculty and staff representation from across the college, designed and distributed internal surveys for our faculty, staff, and student groups. We have also conducted several interviews and small-group meetings with university and college leaders, including department heads and various other unit leaders and committees. We engaged a consulting firm in the fall to assist with analysis of these activities and help facilitate the process moving forward.

Our next step in the strategic planning process is to hold a series of focus groups during which we will dive into topics or areas most impactful and relevant to our CALS internal stakeholders. We have scheduled five focus group sessions for the following groups: faculty, staff, undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs. These focus group sessions will take place Feb. 17-18 and will provide participants the opportunity to share additional input and feedback in an open and safe setting. If you are interested in participating in one of these focus groups, please email Julie Ridenour at

Additionally, we will be holding larger listening sessions across the state over March 7-10, giving our CALS employees outside of the Raleigh area and external stakeholders an opportunity to make your voices heard. Click here for more information about these off-campus listening sessions and to indicate your interest in attending.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated thus far in the CALS strategic planning process. The input we’ve received has already provided valuable insight into the current state and future direction of our college, and we’re looking forward to continuing the momentum with your participation!

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