CALS Stakeholder Feedback Fuels Strategic Planning Process

Earlier this month members of the CALS Strategic Planning Committee, as well as college leadership, participated in a planning retreat. The goal of this retreat was to evaluate the key themes and concepts that came from stakeholder feedback and build consensus on the ideal future, priorities, and direction for CALS.

Over the last year, thousands of stakeholders have provided input in the form of surveys, focus groups, large-group meetings, breakout sessions, one-on-one meetings, and more. We are excited to move into the next phase of this process using information gathered to define our future vision for CALS, create our strategic goals, and identify prospective strategies, initiatives or programs that will support the completion of these goals.

Our consulting firm, Emergent Method, facilitated the retreat and guided the discussions throughout the day. They will refine the thoughts and ideas provided by retreat attendees to create the first draft of our strategic plan; the Strategic Planning Committee will review the draft over the summer.

We anticipate a draft plan will be ready for review by both ourĀ  internal and external stakeholder groups in late summer.

For more information about our strategic planning process please visit our website.