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Mitchell Eaton

Adjunct Faculty

Research Ecologist, SE CASC



Ph.D., University of Colorado (2009)

Research Interests

Population ecology and conservation, decision-theoretic science

I am a Research Ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center, and an adjunct faculty member in the Applied Ecology Department. My focus is in applied wildlife ecology/management, emphasizing the use of quantitative modeling to understand resource dynamics and use of decision-theoretic methods to guide management decisions under uncertainty. My research includes endangered-species conservation, modeling species’ distribution, abundance, and connectivity, and developing parameter estimation and decision-optimization methods. I work closely with natural resource decision makers and their stakeholders to help frame management problems, formulate approaches to evaluate trade-offs and optimally allocate limited resources, and consider how science can most effectively support management needs. I have an ongoing interest in tropical ecology including crocodilian conservation and wildlife harvest dynamics.

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