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Jeffrey Buckel


Research Leadership Academy




Ph.D., Coastal Oceanography, State University of New York, Stony Brook, NY (1997)

Research Interests

Research is concentrated in areas that further our understanding of the population dynamics of fishery resources. Investigations focus on identifying and understanding processes which underlie recruitment variability in marine and estuarine fishes. Specifically, the influence of abiotic factors and biotic interactions on growth and mortality of juvenile fishes has been examined. Additionally, our laboratory conducts applied research that directly addresses assessment and management of local and regional fisheries.

Current Projects

Movement and mortality of spotted seatrout in North Carolina: a combined conventional tag and telemetry approach.
North Carolina Fishery Resource Grant and North Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Co-PIs Joe Hightower (NCSU), Ken Pollock (NCSU), Beth Burns (NCDMF), and Tim Ellis (NCSU).

Are fish productivity metrics related to anthropogenic alteration?
North Carolina Sea Grant. Co-PIs Joe Hightower (NCSU) and Ben Letcher (USGS).

Accounting for the effects of pressure trauma in estimating rates of discard mortality of black sea bass in the deepwater North Carolina reef fishery.
North Carolina Fishery Resource Grant. Co-PIs Paul Rudershausen (NCSU) and Tom Burgess (Commercial fisher).

Diet composition and ecosystem modeling of predatory fishes captured in North Carolina: a cooperative program with North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries.
North Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

Web Resources

Selected Publications

Adamski, K.M, J.A.Buckel, K. Shertzer, G. Bath-Martin, and J.C.Taylor. 2011 Developing fishery-independent indices of abundance of larval and juvenile gag (Mycteroperca microlepis) in the southeast United States. Link to PDF file

Hunsicker, M, Ciannelli L, Bailey K, Buckel J, White W., Link J, Essington T, Gaichas S, Anderson T, Brodeur R, Chan, K, Chen K, Englund G, Frank K, Freitas V, Hixon M, Hurst T, Johnson D, Kitchell J, Reese D, Rose G, Sjodin H, Sydeman W, van der Veer H, Vollset K, Zador, S. 2011. Functional responses and scaling in marine predator-prey interactions: contemporary issues and emerging concepts. Ecology Letters 14:1288-1299. Link to PDF file

Rudershausen, P.J., J.A. Buckel, G. Bolton, R. Gregory, T. Averett, and P. Conn. 2012. A comparison between circle and J hook performance in the dolphinfish, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo bluewater troll fishery off North Carolina. Fishery Bulletin 110:156-175.Link to PDF file

Wuenschel, M.J., K.W. Able, J.A. Buckel, J.W. Morley, T.E Lankford, A.C. Branson, D.O.Conover, D. Drisco, A. Jordaan, K. Dunton, D.H. Secor, R.J. Woodland, F. Juanes, and D. Stormer. 2012. Recruitment patterns and habitat use of young-of-the-year bluefish along the United States east coast: insights from coordinated coastwide sampling. Reviews in Fisheries Science 20:80-102.Link to PDF file

Morley, J.W., J.A. Buckel, and T.E. Lankford, Jr. 2012. Comparing multiple predictors of energy content in juvenile bluefish. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 141:1109-1116. Link to PDF file

Adamski, K.M., J.A. Buckel, D. Ahrenholz, G. Bath-Martin, and J.A. Hare. 2012. Fertilization dates, pelagic larval durations, and growth in gag (Mycteroperca microlepis) from North Carolina, USA.. Bull. Mar. Sci. 88:971-986. Link to PDF file

Bacheler, N.M., J.A. Buckel, and L.M. Paramore. 2012. Density-dependent habitat use and growth of an estuarine fish. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 69:1734-1747. Link to PDF file

Friedl, S.F., J.A. Buckel, J.E. Hightower, F.S. Scharf, and K. Pollock. 2013. Telemetry-based mortality estimates of juvenile spot in two North Carolina estuarine creeks. Trans. Am. Fish. Soc. 142:399-415. Link to PDF file

Morley, J.W., J.A. Buckel, and T.E. Lankford, Jr. 2013. Relative contribution of spring- and summer-spawned bluefish to the adult population: effects of size-selective winter mortality, overwinter growth, and sampling bias. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 70:233-244. Link to PDF file

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