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Catherine LePrevost

Teaching Associate Professor

Agromedicine Extension Specialist

David Clark Labs 237



Ph.D., Science Education, NC State

Research Interests

My interests include science education that takes place outside of the classroom, especially with rural and agricultural communities on topics related to pesticides and environmental toxicology. I study effective teaching and communication practices in non-traditional learning settings, and I am particularly interested in the practices of community health workers who engage farmworkers. A current focus of my work is increasing these community health workers’ access to health information and piloting technology to enhance farmworker education in combination with professional development opportunities for community health workers. I am also co-leading a research-to-practice project involving an examination of farmworkers’ pesticide risk beliefs and protective behaviors in the field and the development of an intervention with community health workers to reduce farmworker exposure to pesticides.

Web Resources

What You Need to Know about Eating Freshwater Fish in North Carolina: Fish Consumption Advisories

The Pesticides and Farmworker Health Toolkit

Selected Publications

Walton, A. L., LePrevost, C. E., Thomas, G., Johnson Rockers, M., & Lipscomb, A. (2019). A handwashing educational toolkit: The product of a dynamic partnership among a student, faculty member, and community organization. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement 23(2), 108-116.

Persaud, E.* & LePrevost, C. E. (2018). Risk perceptions and barriers to protective behavior use among chemical tank cleaners: An exploratory study. Journal of Primary Prevention 39(6), 611-618.

Storm, J. F., LePrevost, C. E., Tutor-Marcom, R., Arellano, C., & Cope, W. G. (2018). Certified Safe Farm implementation in North Carolina: Hazards, safety improvements, and economic incentives. Journal of Agromedicine 23(4), 381-392.

Johnson, T. K. B.*, LePrevost, C. E., Kwak, T. J., & Cope, W.G. (2018). Selenium, mercury, and their molar ratio in sportfish from drinking water reservoirs. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 5(9), Article 1864.

LePrevost, C. E., Walton, A. L., Thomas, G., & Lipscomb, A. (2018). Engaging outreach workers in the development of a farmworker health research agenda. Environmental Research 165, 19-22.

Dugger-Webster, A.* & LePrevost, C. E. (2018). Following pesticide labels: A continued journey toward user comprehension and safe use. Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health 4, 19-26.

Powell, K. W.*, Cope, W. G., LePrevost, C. E., Augspurger, T., McCarthy, A. M., & Shea, D. (2017). A retrospective analysis of agricultural herbicides in surface water reveals risk plausibility for declines in submerged aquatic vegetation. Toxics 5(21), Article 21.

Walton, A. L.*, LePrevost, C. E., Linnan, L., Sanchez-Birkhead, A., & Mooney, K. (2017). Benefits, facilitators, barriers, and strategies to improve pesticide protective behaviors: Insights from farmworkers in North Carolina tobacco fields. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 14(7), 677.

Walton, A. L.*, LePrevost, C. E., Wong, B., Linnan, L., Sanchez-Birkhead, A., & Mooney K. (2017). Perceived threat and protective behaviors among Latino farmworkers. Journal of Agromedicine 22(2), 140-147.

Walton, A. L.*, LePrevost, C. E., Wong, B., Linnan, L., Sanchez-Birkhead, A., & Mooney, K. (2016). Observed and self-reported pesticide protective behaviors of Latino migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Environmental Research 147, 275-283.

* Denotes graduate student during the time the research was generated.


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