2019-20 University Faculty Scholars Named

Memorial Belltower

NC State’s 2019-20 class of University Faculty Scholars was announced today. These 24 early- and mid-career faculty receive this designation due to their significant academic achievements and contributions to NC State through their teaching, scholarship and service to the university and greater community.

Since the University Faculty Scholars program began in 2012, 170 faculty have received this honor. Faculty members selected as University Faculty Scholars carry the title for the duration of their faculty appointment at NC State and receive an increase to their base salary.

Colleges may submit nominations for assistant professors appointed for a second term, associate professors and professors within the first three years of their appointment. Senior faculty then review nominations, evaluating them on research and scholarship productivity, excellence in teaching and mentoring, and leadership in extension, professional societies and public service initiatives.

This year’s class of University Faculty Scholars includes:

  • Kimberly Allen, associate professor of agricultural and human sciences
  • Alper Bozkurt, professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • Ashley Brown, assistant professor of biomedical engineering
  • Emiel DenHartog, associate professor of textile engineering, chemistry and science
  • Umut Dur, associate professor of economics
  • Anna Egalite, assistant professor of educational leadership, policy and human development
  • Tiegang Fang, professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Brian Floyd, professor of electrical and computer engineering
  • DeLeon Gray, associate professor of teacher education and learning sciences
  • Derek Ham, assistant professor of graphic design and industrial design
  • Katie Jennings, associate professor of horticulture science
  • Cristina Lanzas, associate professor of population health and pathobiology
  • Jeff Mielke, professor of English
  • Shevaun Neupert, professor of psychology
  • Peter Ojiambo, professor of entomology and plant pathology
  • Christopher Osburn, associate professor of marine, earth and atmospheric sciences
  • Benjamin Reading, assistant professor of applied ecology
  • Reade Roberts, associate professor of biological sciences
  • Lynsey Romo, associate professor of communication
  • Erik Santiso, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering
  • Robert Scheller, professor of forestry and environmental resources
  • Erin Seekamp, professor of parks, recreation and tourism management
  • Ross Sozzani, associate professor of plant and microbial biology
  • Casey Theriot, assistant professor of population health and pathobiology 

This post was originally published in NC State News.

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