Sep 17, 2020

Scientists Pilot Drones in Effort to Save Trees From Invasive Beetle

NC State are using drones to try to find ash trees with natural resistance to the emerald ash borer invasive pest.

Sep 17, 2020

Latinx Heritage Month

By Kevin Brewer, University Communications Contributing Writer Vanessa Perdomo is from Colombia, but she also feels at home in the Poole College of Management. On New Year’s Eve, she dances into the night to vallenato music with her extended family. But the senior in business administration is also president of NC State’s chapter of the Association…

Sep 3, 2020

How Kids Are Inspiring Adults to Address Climate Change

Why? Because parents listen to their children.

Aug 24, 2020

Finding Ways to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

For many of us, climate change means more mosquitoes.

Aug 6, 2020

Back to School: Preparing for learning online

Across the state and country, students and their parents are preparing for the return of the school year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts at NC State offer tips to help ease the transition for parents and caregivers.

Jul 22, 2020

Proactive Protection

NC State implements a number of safety measures for employees returning to campus, including a constant supply of face coverings so faculty and staff always have them on hand.

Jul 16, 2020

Five Tips for Getting into Birding

Ever wanted to start birding? Here are five tips to get you started.

Jul 16, 2020

North Carolina Snakes: What You Need to Know on World Snake Day

The CVM’s resident snake guy, professor Greg Lewbart, talks snake activity during the summer, the biggest misconceptions about the species and more.

Jul 7, 2020

Diversity Training Now Available for Both Faculty and Staff

The DiversityEdu online training module is now open to all NC State staff members at no cost.

Jun 1, 2020

Monitoring Environmental Exposures in Dogs Could be Early Warning System for Human Health

Man’s best friend may also be man’s best bet for figuring out how environmental chemicals could impact our health.