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Undergraduate Courses

Course NumberCourse Name
ANS 101Intro to Livestock Poultry (Ag Institute students only)
ANS 102Animal Feed and Nutrition (Ag Institute students only)
ANS 103Beef Production (Ag Institute students only)
ANS 104Swine Production (Ag Institute students only)
ANS 105Introduction to Companion Animal Science
ANS 110Introduction to Equine Science
ANS 150Introduction to Animal Science
ANS 151Introduction to Animal Science Lab
ANS 201Techniques of Animal Care
ANS 205Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANS 206Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab
ANS 208Agricultural Biotechnology: Issues and Implications
ANS 215Agricultural Genetics
ANS 220Reproductive Physiology
ANS 221Reproductive Physiology Lab
ANS 225Principles of Animal Nutrition
ANS 230Animal Nutrition
ANS 231Animal Nutrition Lab
ANS 240/ALivestock Merchandising
ANS 261Swine Health and Biosecurity
ANS 262Swine Breeding and Gestation Management
ANS 263Farrowing Management
ANS 264Swine Nursery and Finishing Management
ANS 265Contemporary Issues in the Swine Industry
ANS 266Swine Environment Management
ANS 267Swine Manure and Nutrient Management
ANS 268Employee Management for the Swine Industry
ANS 269Internship in the Swine Industry
ANS 270Pork Export Markets
ANS 281Professional Development of PreVeterinary Track Students
ANS 291Animal Science Study Abroad
ANS 292Australian Animal Agriculture
ANS 301Introduction to Human Nutrition
ANS 303Principles of Equine Evaluation
ANS 304Dairy Cattle Evaluation
ANS 309Livestock Evaluation
ANS 322Muscles Foods and Eggs
ANS 324Milk and Dairy Products
ANS 330Laboratory Animal Science
ANS 350Introduction to HACCP
ANS 400Companion Animal Management
ANS 402Beef Cattle Management
ANS 403Swine Management
ANS 404Dairy Cattle Management
ANS 408Small Ruminant Management
ANS 410Equine Breeding Farm Management
ANS 411Management of Growing and Performance Horses
ANS 415Comparative Nutrition
ANS 419Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease
ANS 425Feed Manufacturing Technology
ANS 440Animal Genetic Improvement
ANS 452Comparative Reproductive Physiology and Biotechnology
ANS 453Physiology and Genetics of Growth and Development
ANS 454Lactation, Milk and Nutrition
ANS 462Beef Cattle Management Lab
ANS 464Dairy Cattle Management Lab
ANS 480Judging Team
ANS 492External Learning Experience
ANS 493Research, Teaching, and Extension Experience
ANS 495Special Topics in Animal Science
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