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Genetics and Genomics

microbiome in a petri dish

The genetics and genomics group in the Department of Animal Science maintains two major areas of activities: quantitative genetics and functional genomics.
Students can select to major in animal science and focus their coursework and research project in the genetics and/or genomics area. Alternatively, students can choose to pursue a major in animal science with a co-major in genetics or functional genomics. In this case, both the major and co-major programs will be designated on the student’s graduate transcript.

Students pursuing research in genetics and genomics use a variety of animal models including beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine and mice in their thesis projects.

Faculty working in quantitative genetics

Dr. Todd See

Dr. Mark Knauer

Dr. Christian Maltecca

Faculty working in functional genomics

Dr. Melissa Merrill

Dr. Charlotte Farin

Dr. H.C. Liu