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In the reproductive physiology area, research projects include investigations of gamete and embryo development, fertility markers in fresh and frozen livestock semen, interaction of nutrition and puberty onset in heifers, use of ultrasonography to improve management of pregnancy in livestock, estrus, and ovulation synchronization programs for livestock management and the effect of extensive management systems on the reproductive efficiency of dairy cattle.

In the lactation area, research projects focus on investigating the interaction of mastitis on reproduction and the effect of diet on breast tissue function.

Students in physiology use a variety of animal models, including cattle, swine, mice, goats, horses, domestic cats, and exotic cats, in their research.

Students can select to major in Animal Science and focus their coursework and research project on physiology. Alternatively, students can choose to pursue a major in Animal Science with a co-major in Physiology. In this case, both the major and co-major programs will be on the student’s graduate transcript.

Interested in learning more about Physiology? Visit the Interdisciplinary Physiology Graduate Program website.

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Charlotte Farin

Professor, Associate Faculty Member of Department of Population Health and Pathobiology

Billy Flowers

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor

Sung Woo Kim

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor, University Faculty Scholar