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Student Life

AGI offers support services to help you adjust to the rigor of studying and college life. In addition, you will have access to the specific university programs for incoming students and all campus resources at NC State.

Academic Support


The AGI tutorial center offers academic assistance to all Agricultural Institute students. Email Chloe O’Brien or Gerald Conrad to schedule an appointment.

Tutor: Chloe O’Brian

Location: 100 Patterson Hall

Tutoring Hours:
Monday: 3:00 – 4:30: Walk-in

Tuesday: 2:00 – 4:00: Walk-in

Thursday: 1:30 – 4:30: Walk-in or appointment

Contact: Chloe O’Brian:; Gerald Conrad:

Note: The tutor will help you and oversee the work you are doing. She will not do your assignments for you. No student who is missing English or math class frequently will be entitled to tutorial help. The tutor has access to all class attendance records and will refuse any student who has numerous unexcused absences.

Student Services

Student Health Services

Student Health Services offers medical care to students on an outpatient basis. Located on campus in the Student Health Services Building at 2815 Cates Avenue, the facility is staffed by full-time physicians, registered nurses, and other medical support personnel. Counseling is also available for students in a group or individual setting to help deal with stress or other issues.

Medical History and Immunizations

This is done online through the Healthy PackPortal on the Student Health Services website.

Note: Health insurance is mandatory for all students. If you have private health insurance, you must submit an online waiver to StudentBlue that shows evidence of existing credible coverage, or you will be automatically enrolled and charged the premium.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Student Services Center has information on the different types of financial aid available.  Also, visit the CALS Scholarships web page for information on college-specific scholarships.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee bills are not mailed.  You will receive an e-bill to your email account (from once you are enrolled in classes. Please check your email regularly. Tuition and fees are due July 26th. If you miss this deadline, your schedule will be dropped.

Disability Resource Office

Students requiring special assistance because of visual, hearing, or motor disabilities can contact Disability Services for Students (DSS). Interpreter, tutorial, and note taker and reader services are available. Direct services for all learning disabled students, such as educational counseling and arrangements for appropriate academic support, can be initiated by the Disability Resource Office.

Campus Resources

University Dining

University Dining, NC State’s food service department, has 13 campus locations to serve students, faculty, and staff. Students can choose from several meal plan options that offer structured meals and a number of flexible cashpoints.

You will receive information in the mail, or you can visit the University Dining website for more information and explore meal plan options.

University Housing

Campus housing is available to Agricultural Institute students and is mandatory for new freshmen. A variety of options are available to accommodate diverse student interests and needs, including single-gender and co-ed residence halls, and suite-style and hall-style living. For details on housing, visit the University Housing website.

Academic Calendar

The NC State University academic calendar can be found here.


Parking is limited for first-year students, and students who live on campus do not need a car. Wolfline buses are available when classes are in session, Monday-Friday, for all students and public members to travel throughout Main and Centennial Campus.

Students need university parking permits for all vehicles parked on campus from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Visit the Transportation website to explore transportation and parking options on campus.

NC State Athletics

Agricultural Institute students are able to attend all NC State University sporting events free of cost. For more information and to request student tickets, visit the NC State Athletics website.