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Associates to Bachelors

Agricultural Institute (AGI) students who are interested in continuing their education into a CALS bachelors degree program are able to do so through the Associates to Bachelors pathway, A2B.

Associates to Bachelors (A2B)

Associates to Bachelors (A2B) is a pathway in place for students interested in continuing their education once they have graduated from the Agricultural Institute. Students that meet the requirements of A2B during their time in the Agricultural Institute will be matriculated into a CALS bachelors (BS) program following graduation without the need to apply.

Students must meet the following requirements to be considered for matriculation into the BS program:

  • Students must be currently enrolled or an active AGI student
  • Students must complete the Intent to Matriculate Google form
    • Please contact your academic advisor or Kayla Howell, for the form. The Google form will only be sent to current students.
  • Students must graduate from the Ag Institute before matriculating
  • Students must be interested in a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) major
  • Students must have 30 transferable credit hours which will need to include:
    • Biology and/or Chemistry
    • Precalculus
  • Students will need a minimum of a 3.0 GPA


Completing the Intent to Matriculate Google form does not mean you have to matriculate. Someone in the Ag Institute office will reach out to you during your last semester in the Ag Institute to see if you are still interested in transferring. If you decide not to, that is fine.

Completing the Intent to Matriculate Google form does NOT guarantee a student will matriculate after they finish their AGI degree. Students courses, grades and major of interest will be evaluated during their last semester to see if they qualify for matriculation.

On average 20 credits from the Ag Institute will transfer into the BS program. Students will need 10 additional credit hours which will need to include a biology and/or chemistry and a precalculus course. AGI students will take these BS level courses while enrolled in the Ag Institute as long as they have a 3.0 GPA. Those course equivalencies can also be taken at a community college while in the Ag Institute.

Ag Institute students must have completed one (1) semester or minimum 12 credit hours before taking Bachelor level courses. AGI students are allowed to take two (2) BS-level courses each semester, after their first, as long as they have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Students below a 3.0 will not be allowed to take BS-courses.

Yes! If a student would like to take the additional courses at a community college they are welcome to! The student should work with their Academic Advisor or Kayla Howell on which courses to take. As long as the final grades are a C- or better then they should transfer.

A2B is only for CALS majors so students who are interested in a major outside of CALS will need to contact that College or department and see what additional courses they need to take to transfer over. In addition, the student will need to apply as a Transfer student through Undergraduate Admissions.

A2B is only for enrolled AGI students. If you have already graduated from the Ag Institute and wish to continue your education into the BS program you will need to apply through Undergraduate Admissions.

On average it will take students 5 years to complete both degrees. – 2 years in the Ag Institute and 3 years in the BS program. This is not a 2 + 2 program because most of our classes are taught at a technical level and therefore are not transferable to the bachelor’s program. This is an average as the total amount of time will depend upon the individual student.