New Student Orientation

You got in. We’ll help you fit in.

NC State students check in at Orientation

Welcome to the Agricultural Institute

You have chosen to challenge yourself beyond your own expectations and become part of thriving, welcoming community. We know you are eager to absorb everything about AGI, NC State, your classes, student life, and your classmates.

At a First-Year Student or Transfer Student Orientation Session, you’ll learn important information to jump into your first semester at NC State.

Orientation Dates


Fall 2019 AGI Orientation Dates

Register for an Orientation Session through your WolfPAW account. Then visit the First-Year Student Orientation or Transfer Student Orientation page on the New Student Programs website for more information, including the schedule, new student checklist, housing, directions, and what to bring.

New Students: July 29-30, 2019

Transfer Students:  July 12, 2019, August 16, 2019

Parent Orientation

Students benefit from their parents being involved in their education.

We partner with our students’ parents and families to help students succeed in AGI. That’s why we designed an orientation program just for parents.

Sign up for the AGI Parent Orientation Session on the New Students Program website and choose First-Year Summer Orientation or Transfer Summer Orientation

For more orientation information, contact New Student Programs at or 919-515-1234.

Fall Semester Class Enrollment

Incoming AGI students (not transfer students) will receive an email about enrolling in Fall semester classes. Those students can participate in a self-registration program. This program gives you early access to available courses, which ensures more choices, so don’t wait! The email will be sent out the second week of July.

Note: The Agricultural Institute is a four-semester program, and classroom space is limited. It is important that you follow the course schedule provided to you by using the Course Planning Tool. If you modify your schedule, you might fall behind on progress toward your degree, and if you receive federal financial aid, this might affect your assistance.

Steps to Register

Please read these instructions before registering. 

  1. Use your Unity ID and password to log into the AGI Course Planning Tool(Note:  This will be the same user ID and password you use to log into MyPack Portal.  You may have already changed your password.  All new students are required to change their password before logging into MyPack Portal for the first time.)
  2. Follow the instructions and answer each question.
  3. When you reach the end of the questions, please generate your schedule.  You will need to print or save this page for use in steps 5 – 6.
  4. Use your Unity ID and password to log into MyPack Portal.  If you have any problems with your Unity ID or password, contact the Information Technology Division: 919-515-HELP.
  5. Grab that schedule you printed.  These are the classes you will enroll in. (A minimum of 12 hours is required to be considered full-time.)
  6. Review the How to Enroll in Classes at NC State-New Students document for helpful information on enrolling in classes.

If you already have courses in your schedule, do not drop them unless advised to do so by the Agricultural Institute Office.

You are not required to take the University math or chemistry placement test.  You will be required to take a math proficiency test during orientation.

To take advantage of the benefits of early registration, you must register before orientation begins on July 29.  However, if you have trouble with registration, we will arrange a one-on-one session with you during orientation to complete your schedule.

Math Proficiency Testing

You will be required to take a math proficiency test during orientation. Transfer students should contact the Agricultural Institute Office to schedule a testing appointment, if applicable.

The test will determine your level of proficiency in math and whether you will be required to take a first-level math course (MAA 102).

Note: If your AGI Course Schedule indicates that you should enroll in MAA 102, please register for the course. If you receive credit for MAA 102 at orientation, we will adjust your course schedule. 

Testing Tips

  • Review our Math Placement Review in preparation for the proficiency test. It is similar to what you will see on the test.
  • You must bring a calculator and a pen/pencil. We will not have calculators available.
  • Any simple calculator will do.  You will not be allowed to use your cell phone as a calculator.

If you are registered or will register through the NC State Disability Services Office and require additional accommodations on the test, contact the Agricultural Institute Office at or 919-515-3248 to discuss your options.