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Michael Schulman

William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor


512 Brickhaven Drive 210Q


Area(s) of Expertise

  • Rural Sociology
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Youth Workers

Michael D. Schulman joined the faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NCSU in 1977. As a rural sociologist, he has investigated the structure of rural poverty, the decline of black farmers, the loss of manufacturing jobs in rural areas, and the social consequences of socioeconomic restructuring. His current interests include young workers, occupational safety and health, and global child labor. He was editor of the Rural Studies Series of monographs and Rural Sociology, the official journal of the Rural Sociological Society. He received the Excellence in Research Award from the Rural Sociological Society in 2012 and the Excellence in Instruction Award from RSS in 1998. Currently, he is collaborating on a series of research projects investigating  the inter-relationships among obesity, food access and availability, and the social and economic characteristics of local spatial environments. He is a past editor of the journal Rural Sociology and a past president of the Rural Sociological Society.

Area of Expertise

  • rural sociology
  • youth work and occupational injury
  • obesity and public health

Programs and Initiatives

  • National Study of Working Teens
  • Teens and Parents: Keeping Teens Safe at Work
  • President (2012-2013) Rural Sociological Society

Selected Publications

  • Falk, W, Schulman, MD, and Tickamyer, A.., eds., Communities of Work. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 2003.
  • Anderson C, Schulman MD, Wood P. Globalization and uncertainty: the restructuring of southern textiles. Social Problems, 2001:48: 478-498.
  • Schulman D, Anderson C. The dark side of the force: a case study of social capital and rural restructuring. Rural Sociology. 1999:64: 351-372.
  • Runyan, CW, Schulman, MD, Dal Santo, J., Bowling, JM, Agans, R, Myduc, T. Work-related hazards and workplace safety of U.S. adolescents employed in the retail and service sectors. Pediatrics, March 2007 Evenson C, Schulman MD, Runyan CW, Zakocs R, Dunn K. The downside of adolescent employment: hazards and injuries among working teens in North Carolina. Journal of Adolescence. 2000:29: 545-560.
  • Zakocs R, Runyan CW, Schulman MD, Dunn K, Evensen C. Improving safety for teens working in retail trade sector: opportunities and obstacles. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. 1998:34: 342-350.
  • Schulman MD, Evensen C, Runyan CW, Cohen L, Dunn K. Farm work is dangerous for teens: agricultural hazards and injuries among North Carolina teens. Journal of Rural Health. 4/Fall 1997:13: 395-305.
  • Dunn K, Runyan CW, Cohen L, Schulman MD. Teens at work: a statewide survey of jobs, hazards, and injuries. Journal of Adolescent Health. 1998:22: 19-25.
  • Cohen L, Runyan CS, Dunn K, Schulman MD. Work patterns and occupational hazard exposures of North Carolina adolescents in 4-H. Injury Prevention. 1996:2: 74-277.
  • C. Runyan, Michael D. Schulman, and Lawrence Scholl. “Adolescent Employment and Injury in the United States,” Pages 189-214 in Injury Prevention for Children and Adolescents: Integration of Research, Practice, and Advocacy, 2nd Edition, Karen Liller, editor. Washington: American Public Health Association (2012)

Schulman recieves 2017 Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

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