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Elisabeth Ramsey

Graduate Assistant

Ricks Hall- Graduate Suite


Elisabeth Ramsey, a North Carolina native from Johnston County, is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Agriculture Education and Human Sciences at NC State University. Alongside her graduate studies, she serves as a research assistant for Dr. Sanders, contributing to the Real Pork Trust Consortium, and collaborates with Dr. Smolski at the SAgE Lab.
Having completed her undergraduate studies at NC State in 2021 with dual majors in Poultry Science and International Studies, Elisabeth embarked on a transformative journey in Knoxville, TN. As an AmeriCorps member, she dedicated a year and a half to impactful community projects, working at a farmers market during the summer and a community garden for the remainder of her term. 
Elisabeth’s AmeriCorps experience ignited her passion for agriculture education, specifically in illuminating the historical significance of farming for children of color. Moreover, her time at the community garden intensified her drive to focus her graduate career on amplifying the voices of POC farmers. Her master’s thesis revolves around a storytelling and oral history project aimed at showcasing the narratives and experiences of these farmers.
Elisabeth’s dual degree in Agriculture and International Studies equips her with a unique interdisciplinary perspective. Her fusion of analytical skills from agricultural sciences with a humanistic approach positions her uniquely to bridge diverse disciplines in her pursuit of agricultural education and advocacy.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Real Pork Trust Consortium
  • SAgE Lab
  • Agricultural Communicators Program

Professional Honors/Offices/Recognitions

  • 2023: National Agricultural Communications Symposium, Outstanding Research Poster Award Nominee
  • 2020: Developing Cultural Competence Student Certificate
  • 2018: Ash Study Abroad Scholarship for SWEET Success Study Abroad to the Dominican Republic
  • 2017: Certificate of Professional Development

Selected Publications

  • Ramsey, E. Q., Babb, M., Sanders, C. E., & McKee, K. E. (Forthcoming, April 2024). Rooted in Well-Being: An Exploration of Community Gardens and Their Impact on Mental Health. [Poster Presentation]. Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, Orlando, FL, USA.
  • Sanders, C. E., Lamm, K. W., & Ramsey, E. Q. (Forthcoming, April 2024). Delphi analysis to identify key competencies for extension communication: Implications for program development. [Oral Presentation]. Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education, Orlando, FL, USA.
  • Ramsey, E. Q., Sanders, C. E., Lamm, A., Qu, S., Masambuka-Kanchewa, F., Retallick, M., & Lamm, K. W. (Forthcoming February 2024). Talking Pork: Tailored Communication for a Diverse Consumer Landscape. [Poster Presentation]. National Agricultural Communications Symposium, Atlanta, GA, USA.
  • Ramsey, E. Q., Sanders, C. E., Stage, V., Bennett, A., Babb, M., Stallings, C., and Walker, A. (Forthcoming February 2024). Examining the Impact of Community Garden Engagement on Mental Health in Rural Communities: A Literature Review. [Poster Presentation]. Southern Rural Sociological Association, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 
  • Merrit, V., Ramsey, E. Q., Thomas, M., & Murray, S. (April 2021). Analysis of Undergraduate Courses at NC State University through the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals Framework. [Poster Presentation]. Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium, Virtual. 


Associates Science Johnston Community College

BS Poultry Science and International Studies NC State University

MS Agriculture Education and Human Sciences NC State Univeristy In-Progress

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Agricultural Education
  • Poultry Science
  • Cultural Competency
  • Storytelling