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Catherine Sander

Research Technician, Safe Plates Program

4101 Beryl Road, Suite 220


Catherine Sander is a research technician with NC State’s Agricultural and Human Sciences department. In this department, she is a member of the Safe Plates Program. She is also an undergraduate student working towards a bachelor’s of science in food science at NC State.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Safe Plates Program

Contributing Websites

Selected Publications

  • Cates, S., Shumaker, E., Brophy, J., Chapman, B., Shelley, L., Goulter, R., Kirchner, M., Goodson, L., Sander, C., Jaykus, L. (2020). Food Safety Consumer Research Project: Meal Preparation Experiment Related to Raw Stuffed Chicken Breasts. RTI Project No. 0215472, FSIS Contract No. AG-3A94-D-16-0130.
  • Bernstein, C., Shumaker, E., Cates, S., Shelley, L., Goulter, R., Goodson, L., Kirchner, M., Sander, C., Jaykus, L. (2020). Consumer Preparation and Thermometer Use for Cooking Not-Ready-to-Eat Frozen, Breaded Poultry Products and Vegetables: Findings from an Observational Study. IAFP Annual Meeting, Virtual.


BS (in-progress) Food Science NC State University

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Food Science
  • Research Methods