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Autumn Guin, MS

Program Design & Evaluation Extension Associate, CYFAR PDTA Coach & Evaluation Consultant


2601 Stinson Drive, 4181 Broughton Hall


Area(s) of Expertise

  • Community program development and program success coaching
  • Mixed-methods formative, summative, and developmental evaluation
  • Youth and family development
  • Non-formal education
  • Multicultural competence, inclusive practice, and programming with limited resource audiences


    Autumn Guin received her M.S. in Community Psychology in 2005 and is currently completing a Ph.D. in the Educational Research and Policy Analysis Program at NC State University with a Specialization in Educational Evaluation.

    Mrs. Guin began work with NC State and North Carolina Cooperative Extension in 2006 and now serves as the evaluation lead for the 4-H Curriculum Development Team at NC State University and as a National Coach and Evaluation Consultant for the Children, Youth, and Families At-Risk Professional Development and Technical Assistance Center. She is a lifetime certified trainer for Ruby Payne’s Framework for Understanding Poverty, a program specifically designed to train educators to more effectively teach children within limited-resource contexts. Mrs. Guin has more than 20 years of qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation experience.

    Programs and Initiatives

    Selected Publications

    • Gonzalez, M., Guin, A., Allen, K., Chilcote, A., Toriello, P., Mead, E. (in-press). Best Practices for Engaging Communities of Color in Opioid Prevention Programs. Journal of Extension.
    • McCarthy, K. J., Perkins, D. F., Roberts, M., Potter, S., Guin, A. G, Carroll, J. B., Deringer, N. C., & Borden, L. M. (in-press) Evaluation of a Coach-Based Technical Assistance Model: An Evolving Focus on Coachability and Goal Setting. Journal of Human Sciences and Extension.
    • Guin, A., Allen, K., Barnes, J. (2018). Development and pilot evaluation of the Very Important Parents Program (VIP): An intensive parent education program for teens. Family Science Review, 22(3), 103-123.
    • Barnes, J., Guin, A., & Allen, K. (2018). Training Needs and Online Learning Preferences of Early Childhood Professionals. Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, 39(2), 114-130.
    • Barnes, J., Guin, A., Allen, K., & Jolly, C. (2016). Engaging parents in early childhood education: Perspectives of childcare providers. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 44(4), 360-374.
    • Kirby, S. & Guin, A., Chilcote, A. (2015). Creating the next generation of residential energy stewards using the Energy Transformation Curriculum. Housing and Society. Available at:
    • Kirby, S., Guin, A., & Langham, L. (2015). Energy Education Incentives: Evaluating the impact of consumer energy kits. Journal of Extension [On-line], 53(1) Article 1RIB5. Available at:
    • Allen, K., El-Beshti, R., & Guin, A. (2014). An integrative Adlerian approach to creating a teen parenting program. Journal of Individual Psychology, 70(1), 6-20.
    • Guin, A. & Kirby, S. (2013). Residential energy conservation and consumers. The Forum for Family and Consumer Issues.
    • Kirby, S., Guin, A., Langham, L., Chilcote, A. (2014). Exploring the Impact of the E-Conservation Residential Energy Audit Program. Housing and Society, 41(1), 71-88.
    • Silliman, B. & Guin, A. (2012). Tracking evaluation capacity with youth professionals. Journal of Youth Development, 7(1), 24-34.

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