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YFCS Alumni Haskett Earns CFLE

Upon completing her undergrad in social work, Brittni Haskett had no intentions of going to graduate school, but life had other plans. After doing some research, she found the Youth, Family, and Community Sciences (YFCS) program at NC State, and felt like the online Master’s program was a perfect fit for her. In May 2021, Haskett graduated with a Master’s of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences and also received her family life education and coaching certificate.  NC State’s online Masters program provided her with the flexibility that she needed due to being a military wife and having to move from time to time.  

Currently, Haskett works for the government as a human resources specialist for the government, allowing her to provide helpful services to individuals after recently changing positions from Aetna Better Health. Haskett also serves on the board of directors for Autismazing, which was where she completed her AEHS 510 internship. She loves the organization and thoroughly enjoys her time there and is excited to see where the future of the company goes. She also recently became a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE). This credential is offered through the National Council on Family Relations and is the nationally recognized standard in Family Life Education and validates a professional’s experience and knowledge as a Family Life Educator. There are less than 1,600 CFLEs nationwide.

Modern happy family

Many people consider their parents, teachers, or close friend to be their biggest inspiration but for Haskett, it’s her husband, Ricky. “I could write a book about how much he has impacted my life in so many ways. The expression, “I thank God every day for my Husband” is such an accurate statement.” As her best friend, her husband inspires her to strive and reach her full potential in everything she does. His selfless love, loyalty, brilliance, compassion to help others and wittiness are just some of the qualities where Haskett strives to be like her husband. 

Her college experience obtaining her master’s was not the simplest or easiest, but for Haskett, it has been very rewarding. When describing her experience with the coursework, professors, staff, and students Haskett says it was “nothing short of amazing.” She is very thankful for the opportunity to attend this program and “learn from the best.”  Although graduate school was unknown to her, Haskett knew she was home with her fellow wolfpack after her first day in the program. She praises Annie Hardison-Moody for being the best of the best (teacher-wise)! Since the first day of her starting school while in Kansas, Hardison-Moody has been a supportive and influential teacher. “Her willingness to go above and beyond for her students speaks highly of her,” says Haskett. Only a text or zoom call away, she was always there for her when Haskett needed reassurance, clarification, or some simple guidance. She is a great mentor, teacher, advisor, and program coordinator! 

In reflection of her time at NC State, Haskett describes it as a dream come true.  With wolfpack pride, she always hangs her Wolfpack sign, wears her memorabilia, and proudly says she is an NC State alum!  For Haskett, receiving her YFCS Master’s degree was a huge accomplishment, and each class has impacted her career in some shape or form.  Her job and volunteering has allowed her to put her education to use, while also pursuing her passion of working with the special needs community. No matter where her husband and family are stationed next, Haskett still plans to volunteer for the Special Olympics within that community. Her goal in life would be to open a gym for the special needs communities and host Special Olympic events while using her CFLE. This is Haskett’s ultimate passion, which has grown due to attending NC State and she will always be grateful of that.