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NC State Hosts Annual AAAE Conference

NC State hosted the national conference for American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) in Raleigh this week. The purpose of AAAE is to be the premier national society for social science scholarship in food, agriculture, and natural resources for individuals engaged in agricultural education, leadership, communication, international development, and extension education at United States colleges and universities. 

Several members of the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences (AHS) faculty and staff were on the hosting committee, which included Travis Park, Misty Lambert, Joy Morgan, Mary Kate Lanier, Wendy Warner, Joseph Donaldson, Jay Jayaratne and Katie Sanders. Ben Chapman, AHS department head, had the honor of presenting the Knapp Seminar. The department also had several graduate students present their research including Jillian Ford, Sara Kidd, Nikki Miller, Abasiama-Arit Aniche, Rachelle Andreatta, Mary Kate Lanier and Andrew Waaswa while undergraduate students Cheyenne Hoppes and Hannah Houk Gordon also had posters presentation.

Andrew Waaswa and Abasiama-Arit Aniche with their poster

Jillian Ford and Misty Lambert had two posters recognized as Top 10 Innovative Posters. The first poster was “Escaping a Lecture: Utilizing a Digital Escape Room to Introduce the SAE for All Model” and outlined an idea they used with students in AEE 322 and AEHS 522 (online and in person) in Fall 2022. The second poster was “Applying the Experiential Learning Cycle Through Service Learning Projects” which focused on helping students explore the newly introduced  category of service learning and how they could fully connect assignments to their futures as agricultural teachers. Congratulations to everyone who presented at the conference!

Seminars and Professional Development Sessions

  • “Lessons Learned from the Pandemic: Future Direction of Extension Education Development and Delivery in the Changing Landscape of Information” – Dr. Ben Chapman, Department Head, Agricultural and Human Sciences
  • “SAE for All: Philosophy, Structure, and Resources” – Andy VonCanon, Candis Carraway, and Matt Kriefels – SAE for All Renewal Committee
  • “SAE for All: “Preparing Preservice Teachers” – Andy VonCanon, Candis Carraway, Matt Kriefels – SAE for All Renewal Committee

Research Paper Presentations

  • SAE for All Implementation in North Carolina – Jillian C. Ford, Misty D. Lambert
  • Teaching Outside of the Margins: School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers’ Perspectives on Globally Competent Teaching During an International Experience – Dr. Richie Roberts, Dr. Kristin S. Stair, Whitney F. Figland, K.S. U. Jayaratne
  • Inclusion for All? Opportunities and Challenges of Including Students with Diverse Needs in FFA Activities – Mary Kate Morgan Lanier, Joy Morgan Fleming, Wendy Warner, Barbara Kirby
  • Perceived Barriers and Resources Needed to Effectively Implement SAE for All – Jillian C. Ford, Misty D. Lambert
  • Developing Transformational Learning Toolsto Increase Systems Thinking Capacity: Implications for Agricultural Education – Catherine E. Sanders, Allison R. Byrd, Kristin E. Gibson, Aaron Golson, Kevan W. Lamm, Alexa J. Lamm

Poster Presentations

  • Applying the Experiential Learning Cycle Through Service Learning Projects – Jillian C. Ford and Misty D. Lambert 
  • Escaping a Lecture: Utilizing a Digital Escape Room to Introduce the SAE for All Model – Jillian C. Ford and Misty D. Lambert
  • A Cross-disciplinary Approach to Agricultural Literacy at the Middle School Level: “Growing” Interest in Social Studies & Science Students – K. Dale Layfield, Paul Johnson, Joe Brandt, Cameron Ramsey, Audie L. Cherry, Joseph L. Donaldson, Christopher J. Eck, and Beatrice Bailey
  • Cultivating the Next Generation of Educators Through an Online Ag Ed CDE – Cheyenne Hoppes, Hannah Houk Gordon, Wendy Warner, and Mary Kate Morgan Lanier 
  • Developing a Competency Based Registered Apprenticeship for Military Veterans – Sara Kidd, Angel Cruz, Joseph L. Donaldson
  • Engaging and Educating Agricultural Educators through In-State Study Experiences – Nikki Miller, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, Travis Park, and Misty Lambert 
  • Integrating NFA History into School-Based Agricultural Education – Susan L. Jones and Wendy J. Warner 
  • Supporting International Graduate Students Through Participation in Graduate Peer Mentoring Programs – Abasiama-Arit Aniche, Andrew Waaswa, and Joy Morgan
  • The Growth in Leadership Skills and Development of Fellowship through Literacy – Rachelle Andreatta, Joy Morgan, Wendy Warner, Rachel Vann, Travis Park, and Brent Jennings
  • Using Agriculture Education as a Holistic Health Approach: An Innovative Model for Navigating the Transition from Military to Civilian Life – Alyssa Spence, Robert Elliot, and Roberta Bellamy
  • Using Progressive Career Dinner Events to Promote Career Readiness and Opportunities – Joy Morgan and Andrew Waaswa
  • Creating Climate Change and Adaptation Awareness through International Agricultural Study Tours – Andrew Waaswa and Joy Morgan
  • Exploring the Role of Positive Emotions in Leadership Learning – Haley Q. Traini, Katherine McKee, Dave Rosch, Jennifer Smist, and Robert Klein 
  • Use of Experiential Learning to Support Climate Change Adoption – Andrew Waaswa, Abasiama-Arit Aniche, and Joy Morgan

*Boldness denotes a member of the Agricultural and Human Sciences department