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From 4-H Roots to Legal Heights: Montana Reiser’s Inspirational Journey of Transformation

Growing up as a dedicated member of 4-H, Montana Reiser always knew that her educational journey would revolve around agriculture. As a first-generation college student, she sought a major that would provide her with a diverse array of opportunities and a deep knowledge of the agriculture industry. This pursuit ultimately led her to select agricultural science as her major, a decision that would significantly shape her path.

In July 2018, Reiser graduated from NC State with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science with a minor in agricultural business management. However, despite her initial focus on agriculture, a turning point occurred during her time at NC State when she enrolled in an agricultural law class. To her surprise, this single class altered the course of her career trajectory. Reiser felt drawn to the potential of making a tangible difference in the world through the field of law and realized that this newfound passion was worth pursuing.

Reflecting on her time at NC State, Reiser acknowledges that the university played a crucial role in her personal growth. The institution provided her with numerous opportunities to refine her public speaking skills, expand her social network, and showcase her expertise. While at NC State, Reiser also embraced the chance to study abroad, gaining insights into global agricultural practices. Although she eventually diverged from a career in agriculture, the education she received at NC State uniquely prepared her for her journey into law.

Among the numerous individuals who impacted Reiser during her time at NC State, two stand out as particularly influential: Jim Flowers and Rebecca Woskoff. Flowers served as Reiser’s adviser throughout her undergraduate program, and she credits much of her success to his guidance, saying “Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” He not only helped her set ambitious goals but also encouraged her to reach her full potential. Flowers was the first person Reiser confided in about her concerns regarding law school due to her agricultural background, and he instilled in her the belief that she could achieve anything with determination. Woskoff worked with Reiser through TRIO Student Support Services. She provided resources and a support system to help Reiser with the challenges that come with being a first-generation college student. Her unwavering encouragement and open-door policy helped Reiser navigate the challenges of her academic journey.

Reiser currently works as a construction litigation attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina, at Johnston, Allison & Hord, P.A. Her practice focuses on representing a wide spectrum of stakeholders in various construction projects, ranging from residential to commercial, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, builders and design professionals. Her responsibilities involve advising clients and participating in different stages of litigation, such as mediation, depositions and court hearings. Reiser frequently handles cases involving contract default claims, mechanic’s liens and construction defect claims. Construction law plays a pivotal role in addressing issues related to housing, infrastructure and the broader economy. Reiser’s work is instrumental in helping parties resolve conflicts and achieve efficient solutions within the legal system, contributing to successful projects for all involved parties.

While we all encounter individuals who inspire and motivate us, for Reiser, her greatest inspiration is her mother. “Over the years, I’ve realized how much she sacrificed for me to attend college. She is my biggest fan and supporter and even though she’d be the first person to tell you that she’s proud of me—I’m extremely proud of her.”  Reiser’s mother has been her staunchest advocate, demonstrating that anything is attainable with determination. In a remarkable testament to her values, Reiser’s mother recently decided to pursue her own bachelor’s degree, reinforcing the belief that one can achieve their dreams with perseverance.

In the near future, Reiser envisions further growth in her law career. Having successfully passed the South Carolina Bar Exam, she intends to establish connections within the legal community and deepen her role as an attorney. She is committed to continuous learning, striving to acquire new knowledge every day. Furthermore, Reiser looks forward to the prospect of starting a family with her husband, Ryan, and building her own “Wolfpack.” Reiser’s journey underscores the transformative power of keeping an open mind to new possibilities. Her story is a testament to the potential for change and growth when one pursues their passions and seizes opportunities, regardless of the initial path they set out on.