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CALS Celebrates a Successful Day of Giving

The CALS community answered the call to make a difference during this year’s Day of Giving at NC State University. Alumni, faculty, staff, parents and CALS Pack supporters across the country and around the globe helped the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences finish the annual event on March 20 atop the college leaderboard.

In all, CALS raised more than $6.7 million with 1,803 gifts, making this the college’s most successful Day of Giving ever.

“Thank you to our CALS family for your passion and support on this year’s Day of Giving,” Dean Garey Fox says. “CALS led all colleges at NC State in total donations (more than $6.7 million). Because of you, our vision for the future has never looked brighter.” 

The spirit and pride from the CALS Pack also helped the college win $12,706 in bonus funds from the university through the following challenges and leaderboards:

  • One Wolfpack Challenge – $2,000
  • Why I Give Challenge – $2,000
  • Power Your Pack Leaderboard – $136
  • College/Unit Donation Leaderboard – $5,570
  • College/Unit Participation Leaderboard – $3,000

The generosity of the day will have an impact for years to come, ensuring that CALS has the tools it needs to be successful in the classroom, in the lab and in the field.

“Day of Giving serves as a rallying point for our entire CALS community, including students, stakeholders, industry partners, and the agriculture sector in our state,” says Sonia Murphy, CALS assistant dean of philanthropy. “We’re deeply thankful for the privilege to fundraise for such a significant cause — one that not only supports the teaching and learning of our students but also celebrates collaboration and innovation within our industry. I am inspired by the passion of so many who share in our vision for the future.”

This post was originally published in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences News.