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Mallory Choudoir

Assistant Professor

Extension Specialist


4550A Thomas Hall


Agroecosystems harbor microbial communities with immense diversity, and these microbiomes link soils to food systems. Our group focuses on the ecological and evolutionary processes driving plant-soil-microbe interactions in North Carolina agroecosystems, and our work supports the NC State Extension mission. 

Climate change, intensive agriculture practices, and the increasing demands of food systems threaten soil microbiome biodiversity and their important ecosystem functions. At the same time, microbial solutions to agronomic challenges can support sustainability goals! Our research impacts decisions about land management, cropping systems, and nutrient inputs to prioritize soil microbiome resilience and stability and to maximize crop productivity. 

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Ph.D. Microbiology Cornell University 2016

B.S. Microbiology University of Wisconsin-Madison 2008

Area(s) of Expertise

Microbial ecology & evolution, soil ecology, plant-soil-microbe interactions, agroecosystems, global change biology, biogeography, genomics, environmental & social justice


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