Who's hiring?

Although there’ve been more than 2 million jobs created nationwide during the last two years, there are still 6 million people unemployed who had jobs before the recession.  N.C. State University economist Mike Walden says small companies are the ones most likely to consider hiring someone who’s unemployed.

“In fact, you often hear the comment made that it’s small companies who do most of the hiring.  Well that statement is really true.  If you look at the job market since the job market bottomed out in early 2010, it’s really been small companies who’ve done what little hiring there’s been done.

“For example, you look at last month when the nation added about 110,000 private sector jobs.  Companies with less than 50 employees accounted for 45 percent of those gains.  And this isn’t a fluke.  This is really part of a longer-term trend.

“For example, in the last decade, only companies with fewer than 50 employees have actually added jobs.  I think one of the big reasons cited by economists is globalization.  Many large companies have outsourced the substantial part of their workforce, and it’s the smaller entrepreneurial companies that are creating new kinds of jobs.”


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One response on “Who's hiring?

  1. Kevin Martyn says:

    The problem is as employers know too well, there are always jobs for those people who take the initiative to find them. They may not be advertised, but when the right person makes themselves available the position becomes vacant.

    Most employers would be more interested in employing somebody who already has a job than somebody who is unemployed. As the old saying goes, those who have jobs get jobs. So don’t wait for a job to come to you, get proactive get out there and start looking for today!

    Kind regards


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