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soil science

Sep 13, 2021

Crop and Soil Science Seminar – Dr. Deanna Osmond

Dr. Deanna Osmond Professor of Soil Fertility & Watershed Management and Department Extension Leader, Crop and Soil Sciences Fertilizer Recommendation Support Tool (FRST): The Power of Working Together   Wed Oct 13, 2021 3:30pm – 5pm 2215 Williams Hall and Zoom 

Sep 10, 2021

Crop and Soil Science Seminar – Dr. Owen Duckworth

Dr. Owen Duckworth Professor of Soil & Environmental Biogeochemistry, Crop and Soil Sciences Heavy metal and rock: Understanding the impact of mineral structure on trace metal biogeochemistry Wed Oct 6, 2021 3:30pm – 5pm 2215 Williams Hall and Zoom 

Apr 7, 2021

Can Soil Carbon Fast Forward The Transition To Organic Farming?

One of the biggest barriers to organic farming is the transition period lag in soil health metrics. A group of NC State researchers is investigating if soil carbon can fast forward the soil health benefits of organic farming. 

Construction managers overlook a job site

Mar 15, 2021

What Does An Environmental Soil Scientist Do?

Soil is a unifying element of our planet and every nation on it. But soil science is a career field that is often overlooked because it’s, well, always underfoot. 

Scanning electron micrographs of a manganese oxidizing fungus (Fusarium sp.) isolated from the treatment system.

Jan 20, 2017

Manganese Oxides in Treatment System Could Be Mixed Blessing

In a “bad news, good news” scenario, researchers at North Carolina State University have found that some black sludge growing in a water-treatment site could have redeeming benefits. 

Liz Gillispie working in a lab.

Mar 4, 2016

Protecting drinking water in Cambodia

The joy Liz Gillispie feels in her research is evident in her face, her smile and in every statement. The soil science doctoral student has returned from two weeks of research in Cambodia, where she gathered sediment samples for experiments addressing arsenic contamination of drinking water. 

Aug 19, 2015

Crops on the ground, eyes in the air

CALS scientists are launching a better future for agriculture through unmanned aircraft. 

Aug 10, 2015

Seeding North Carolina’s future

CALS and its partners strive to make North Carolina the world’s leader in plant sciences innovation. 

Aug 10, 2015

Study helps farmers along Dan River make decisions following coal ash spill

When 39,000 tons of coal ash entered the Dan River in 2014 from a ruptured pipe at a Duke Energy steam plant near Eden, farmers who grow crops and graze cattle along the river banks turned to Cooperative Extension with questions about contamination. And NC State University soil scientists provided research-based answers. 

Aug 10, 2015

Ph.D. student sheds light on wellwater contamination here and abroad

NC State University soil science alumna and Ph.D. student Elizabeth Gillispie wants to help and positively impact as many people as she can through water and soil quality research.