Improving your hiring chances

Folks without a job are looking for any edge they can use to land new employment. What are the experts saying about bettering a person’s likelihood of being hired? N.C. State University economist Mike Walden answers.

“Well, of course, first is training. First and foremost is to have the right kind of training and education in order to get the kind of job that you want.

“But there are lots of people out there now that have that kind of training. Every time we hear about a job fair, thousands of people show up. So, what we’re going to talk about here are other things beyond your training.

“I think number one is attitude. You want to have a positive approach to working. You want to present yourself to a potential employer as someone who can make that business better. So always talk about how you can help the business — not vice versa, how the business can help you.

“I think it goes without saying that you want to be a person who communicates that you will be on time, punctual, dedicated.

“Businesses are also looking now for people who can be flexible. Who can actually do many things? So, if you can communicate that, yeah, you’re willing to roll with the punches, you’re willing to learn new things, you’re willing to do one job one year, maybe another job another year. If you can communicate that you are willing to learn and learn more as the needs of the business change, I think that’s not going to guarantee you a job, but it’s certainly going to help.”

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