Economic Perspective

Sep 18, 2018

Economic Perspective: Regional Economic Growth in North Carolina

The race for job growth across North Carolina is always heated, but is there a shake-up in the front-runners this year?

Sep 12, 2018

Economic Perspective: Health of the Global Economy

We've focused a lot on the U.S. economy, but how has the global economy been doing the past few years?

Sep 5, 2018

Economic Perspective: Too Much of a Good Thing?

The low unemployment rate has been well documented, but what other implications does that number have on other aspects of the economy?

Aug 28, 2018

Economic Perspective: Where Are the Jobs?

With talk of growth in the job market, many are wondering what industries are hiring.

Aug 20, 2018

Economic Perspective: Good and Bad Price Information

The average inflation rate tracks the rise and fall of costs over numerous commodities and services. How have the prices looked over the last decade?

Aug 17, 2018

Economic Perspective: Age and Business Start-ups

There's a belief out there that entrepreneurs and start-ups are often linked to the young, but is that accurate? What age do most entrepreneurs start their businesses?

Aug 15, 2018

Economic Perspective: Costs of the Trade War

With all the talk of a trade war with China, what are the impacts for consumers in the U.S.?

Jul 30, 2018

Economic Perspective: Advanced Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing continues to expand incorporating new fields. What could the future look like?

Jul 23, 2018

Economic Perspective: The Fed’s Interest Rate Hike

How does the recent hike in the interest rate play into the mission of the Federal Reserve, and what potential outcomes from the move exist?

Jul 16, 2018

Economic Perspective: Will Kids Earn More Than Their Parents?

A staple of the American dream was that the next generation would earn more than their parents, but does that adage still ring true?