Economic Perspective

Nov 14, 2018

Economic Perspective: Perspectives on the Gig Economy

Technology helped usher in the new gig economy, but how much does that account for in the actual job market and how what are the pros and cons it?

Nov 5, 2018

Economic Perspective: Florence’s Impact On Jobs

The areas impacted from Hurricane Florence are still recovering from the storm. How has the storm changed employment, and what does it implicate for the future in the area?

Oct 29, 2018

Economic Perspective: The Emerging Financial Battlefield

Technology advancements are pushing the financial fields in new and bold directions. As FinTech companies seek to innovate, can they outlast the established companies as they adjust?

Oct 24, 2018

Economic Perspective: Good News for Low-Wage Workers

A new study suggests that tightest part of today's labor market rests in the fields for low-wage jobs. What does this mean for the workers in those positions?

Oct 16, 2018

Economic Perspective: Impacts of Rising Interest Rates

With recent talk of rising interest rates, what impact does high or low interest rates have on our economy?

Oct 10, 2018

Economic Perspective: A Decade After the Crash

NC State University economist Mike Walden gives a quick look at the housing market a decade after the Great Recession.

Oct 3, 2018

Economic Perspective: Top Five Questions

NC State University economist Mike Walden hears countless questions about the state and federal economy. What are his answers the five questions he's asked the most?

Sep 24, 2018

Economic Perspective: State Regulatory Review

Government regulation and deregulation is an ongoing matter in the political world. How has North Carolina been acting in that field over time?

Sep 18, 2018

Economic Perspective: Regional Economic Growth in North Carolina

The race for job growth across North Carolina is always heated, but is there a shake-up in the front-runners this year?

Sep 12, 2018

Economic Perspective: Health of the Global Economy

We've focused a lot on the U.S. economy, but how has the global economy been doing the past few years?